craigslist find! New chair and table project

craigslist find! New chair and table project

A lot of times I find myself looking for things on craigslist or other buy and sale pages. Not because I need anything in particular just that I like a good deal. And you never know what you will find that will be exactly what you did not know you needed. I found these awesome chairs about a month ago. I believe they are mid century Hollywood Regency style Cane Chairs. I believe. Don’t quote me on that, but I am putting it out there. All for $25. WHAT?!!!!!! I called right away, and set up a pick up time for later that day.


I showed up and it was an older home with some left over furniture, these being some of them. The new owner was a college student who obviously had no idea what she was practically giving away. I felt bad, sort of… a little. The chairs have detailing on the legs, and a wicker-like back. With a curve around the entire back. They are super comfy because the back comes up almost to your shoulders when sitting on them. There was a spool there as well. I asked if it was for sale and she responded, just take it. What?!!!! She was going to throw it out. Um… yes please!

I am thinking of staining the chairs a dark wood color. Not sure on fabric for the seat cushions. But I feel like it will be a quick easy job with amazing results. The spool I am going to turn into a book shelf. Our current one in the study is falling apart. I am thinking of making two shelves around it with columns alternating around it to hold my kids books. And of course paint, and maybe a glass top to make it fancy.



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