ceiling fan redo

ceiling fan redo

So I hate ceiling fans, not the function but the look of them. In the summer I am the last one to turn on the AC. I love a breeze, fresh air, hearing the birds, all of it. I guess it is because when it warms up I want to enjoy every last bit of spring and summer. But with that said we use our ceiling fans to circulate the air. And each bedroom has one, the kitchen has one, and so does the study. We use them all. And I hate how they all look.

Not a completely ugly fan, but it stands out so much

I decided to do something small about the one in the kitchen. Paint it. Of course, a true DIY-ers fix for anything. Paint on it and call it re done. Yay! It is a pretty easy task, take off the blades, sand slightly and paint. I did two coats.

Truly it took me maybe 30 min, including time for paint to dry. Also no money because I constantly have my go to white paint in the garage. So here you go, the pretty fan. Now just four more to figure out what to do with.

The new fan, it seamlessly fits the kitchen now




  1. What a great idea I thought it would cause the fan to wobble really bad I am glad to hear that it did not cause that.

  2. Thank you for reading! And no the fan had no issue with the blades being painted. I did not even pay attention to the placement of the blades. They all fit on any of the blade holders (that is the official name, totally). I hope you enjoy reading my projects and thoughts!

  3. These look great!! I am with you – I love the FUNCTION of ceiling fans, but I just can't fall in love with the style (at least not generally speaking. I'm sure there are exceptions). But I love the way you compromised. Painting them white helps them blend in a bit and even gives the illusion of slightly higher ceilings. Lovely work!

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