Addicted to house TV shows

My name is Emily and I am addicted to house shows. Give me any DIY show, celebrity house tours, house hunters. I want it all. I don’t care about the story line, I care about the house, the projects the décor. I like to figure out the floor plans in my head of the houses people are looking at or working on. Imagine what I would do. I get so many ideas from things like that. The best by far is renovation reality on DIY network. Those people are awesome. I am terrified of some of the projects they take on and always snicker at their time line but hey give them credit they are doing it. I wonder what I would be like on that show. Granted we have not gotten to the point in our house of major renovations just painting and decorating, building a few things. But I know I suck on time lines. I want things done yesterday, expect it to go a lot faster and then have a hard time focusing if it takes longer then one day. We have a few in the process projects. So we would be the couple where they have to go back and see the progress.

I guess this is a game you play, if this is mentioned you get to cover a square
you can download here.
There is also a drinking game if you are the fun and awesome,
and willing to get that wasted


I also love house hunters, I know I know it is supposedly fake. Whatever, I don’t care about the families story, why they are moving. Show me the house. Although it is fun to see people with a $90,000 budget and complaining about no stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops. But it is fun to see the house, pick my favorite, pick the one I think the family will pick and then see the update on how the house looks. Maybe it is me but I am always confused on people who buy a really expensive grand house and then the update shows that they have some random pieces of furniture that they had in their college dorm room. Come on people, time to be adults and get some curtains and a side table or two. But hey, the flat screen is up so yeah all is good with them. Does that make me a décor snob? I hope not, I know a lot of people truly do not care about that stuff. I don’t get it but I can respect their plug in the TV and plop down and enjoy approach.

I truly could go on and on about my favorite shows, house porn I was told it is called. Apparently that gets me going. I love it, I guess it is the same reason I always hesitate when there is an open house. I always think ohhh I can go take a peek inside. And with the design and house shows I have the benefit of editing and nifty songs to go with my house drool.

What are some of your favorite TV shows about design, houses, or projects?


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