painting daughters room

painting daughters room

So we are starting another project. Albeit a little one but still we are tackling one more while there are a few that still need to be done. My daughter will be 6 at the end of January and she will be having a birthday party. We have not painted her room and she is putting us on a timeline of getting her room re decorated before the said party. So today we decided to paint the walls and trim.

It was great, we woke up and the kids all decided to lend a hand. Taking toys out, pillows, blankets. They were all little helpers. Once the sanding commenced they went off playing. They played happily all morning. The painting started and we let them have a turn. It was great. We stopped for lunch and decided that the kids were doing so well, lets skip nap. Yeah, right. For anyone that has young kids you understand the mistake we made. I don’t know what we were thinking. Well I do, getting Nora’s room done, but still we should have known. About 2 pm rolled around and our youngest Gavin was loosing his cool if someone said anything to him. Our 4 year old Caleb was getting quite mean, and our sweet sweet 5 year old Nora repeatedly said “you are so annoying!” to both brothers and our dog Teddy.

 My little helpers, so talented

But we trudged along, got them involved in activities, games, gave them a snack and sent them outside to play in the snow. Once they came in we plopped our cranky, and now cold and exhausted littles in front of the TV  watching a new movie. Hey it worked and the room is painted. Now we just get to sand a desk down and spray paint it. Oh and hang up the curtains, re arrange pictures, organize toys, paint a dresser, and create some curtains hanging from the ceiling. That is all, not much. See my Nora is fast becoming a little decorator and wants a four poster bed with curtains to close around her at night. But she already has a bed, with no tall posts. So we get to create the curtains. Go us!

But for now cookies are baking in the oven and kids are comatose on the couh waiting for the tiny bribe of yummy snacks. Tomorrow it will be family time. Going swimming at an indoor pool and some other fun activities. I try to balance house projects with family time. Too many days in a row of projects makes for some grouchy kids, a stressed Mommy and a Husband who almost skips to work because he gets to leave the house. So tonight it is pedal to the metal, get as much done as possible, so we can have fun tomorrow and so Nora can stop sleeping in her brothers room before winter break is over. Wish us luck!


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