My first post… here goes nothing

            I started this blog for a number of reasons. First and foremost it was a love for decorating. I stumbled along and accidentally found my love because of my ideas in my head for our new house not quite matching the money in our bank account. I went in with a fresh idea of how to decorate our new home. Before this all of the furniture my husband and I had accumulated were hand me downs from family, a few random stuff found at rummage sales (not re done and made pretty like I do now) and some extra odds and ends. Our first big purchase was right before we bought our house. We bought a really nice bedroom set for us, it was a complete “aha” kind of moment. We got this bed with a tufted soft head board; great for sitting up reading or blogging by the way. And I was on a search for new night tables, then I needed new pillows, and some refined matching lamps. It all came together and I was antsy for more.              The only other places I had decorated with a fresh gusto was our kids rooms, but duh they had to start from scratch, we had nothing for them. So I had a clean palate and 9 months to day dream of my tiny little baby’s room. The place she would grow, make memories, dream, play. It all seemed so important. But for some reason the rest of the house never made it into my line of vision. Until we bought our first home. We were buying a relatives home, they were selling and we were looking to buy. It seemed like a great fit. A 10 year old house in our town, and in our price point, awesome where do we sign? So we had a few months longer then most people before we bought the home to think about our future place. I knew the lay out. My husband was the initial one to bring up changing things. I am sure he will forever regret this decision since almost always my ideas mean his weekends are booked making them come into reality. He woke the decorating monster within me.  But nonetheless, he said it would be nice to get rid of the colors in our living room. Oranges, reds, and yellows, kind of a Italian, romance, flower explosion thing. So I turned like any smart person does to Google images, I saw all of these colors and ideas, grays, blues, patterns, rustic, country. I was in love. I got to work right away, buying things here and there, always thinking of my families needs at home. With the kids being 4, 2, and 6 months at the time I needed kid friendly everything. I wanted to make our house a home. A beautiful, welcoming, comfortable, warm, home. And my eyes were opened into this world of people like me, or who I wanted to be like. Homes that our house wanted to be when it grew up. We could not get the move in ready dream home with our first time home owner and young family budget constraints. But I saw all of these ideas and projects, things I wanted to do,  and maybe could do. I was eager to try. I was so excited by all of this it consumed me.

Once we were in the house we went full force, painting walls, trim, kitchens, lamps, you name it we painted it. Sewing curtains, pillows. Notice I said we, my husband helps A LOT, and did I insinuate we sewed curtains and pillows? I meant him, I cannot sew a straight line, go figure. After we got going we hit our stride, I don’t know if I will ever be done, I have phase 1 to our house planned in my head; least expensive and in the process of getting done. Phase 2; little more money needed and time. And phase 3; contractors and lottery winnings necessary.

I have gotten compliments, and urging from people to help them with their house. I also get a lot of people who assume we spent a lot of money to get our home looking the way it does. So this is my way of helping people out there showing them, inspiring them, giving my little DIY ideas to others. Also a way for me to give an outlet to my love of decorating. I get to break down all of the little things creatively that go on in my head and the many steps that go into getting a room done. I know at first I was terrified of doing things on my own, but seeing that others did these things gave me the courage. My goal is to make a family friendly and functional house that is pretty and calming. I was first drawn to country looks but realized my house was not going to cut it for some super country shabby chic stuff. And my Husband was not going for pale pink. I settled somewhere between coastal, contemporary, fresh, and slightly transitional. I don’t know if there is a name for it but it is mine and I adore my house. I want to show others it is possible and give them the comfort in doing this together. Making our house our dream home, no matter the money, know how, or guts. To do what feels comfortable for you, and I definitely can’t wait to get inspiration from my hopefully collaborative and active readers. Join me while we make my house and yours a home!



  1. This was a cute introduction! Fun to read it again one year later and see how far you've come. So glad you stuck around! Happy New Year!

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