House tour

House tour

Ok, so to make sure my style and all that is up your alley here is my home. The constant work in progress. A lot has already changed but I figured I needed to prove my worthiness of giving advice on projects and make sure my style jells with readers. I have some before pictures that I will show how things have changed, but they will be outlined in projects. And some of these pictures are the before pictures as of right now. Especially the bedrooms, those are a hot mess right now. I will get there.. I think

My entryway, no foyer for this house. I tried to create one



                  The Living room, the walls are a light gray even though they look blue in the picture
This is supposed to be the formal dining room I think. We use it as a music room, office, library. The Study we call it




IMGP3892 IMGP3894

Our study is well used and loved
IMGP3888 IMGP3914
Our kitchen
The cabinets are a light blue/green color
The dinging room off of the kitchen
Our hallway
My dog Teddy checking things out
The other end of our hallway, it is a long L shaped hallway
Our storage area, honestly it is never this clean. This is clutter central!
Master bedroom, no where near done. It is a collection of stuff right now. This is the least used room in the house so not high on my priority list
My daughter Nora’s room
Caleb and Gavin’s room, this will be updated soon. It does not look like this now but we are not quite done with it yet
There is my boys

So there you have it, my home. I hope you liked it, I hope it gave you a few little nuggets of inspiration. I will be listing paint colors used on walls and cabinets as well as door and cabinet hardware in a later post.  My house is a lived in place with too many toys, books, I have a TV in my living room (gasp) a microwave in the kitchen and my fridge is covered with my kids artwork. But this is my home, I think it is stylish but it is real. Truly a family home. I hope you liked the tour and I will be making a new post anytime I update my house tour. There are a few things that will soon be added or updated.


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