What makes a house a home series – week 1

What makes a house a home series – week 1

Today starts the first in a new series I am doing here, the What makes a house a home series – week 1 is something I am giddy to get started on!

what makes a house a home? A family, love and memories create the home!

I talk all the time about making a house into a home, one DIY project at a time. It is my blog’s tagline. However, no amount of decorating or pretty stuff will truly create that home. It is the people in it, the laughter, hugs, love, good food, cuddles… the memories that really make a house into a home. I have created my home with my three children, husband and two dogs. The decorating I put into it make these people more comfortable.

On this blog I also try and highlight the value of conversations, I adore getting to know all of you! So this is combining a few things which has me as excited as a kid is on the night before Christmas. I want to showcase what really makes a house a home, mine as well as yours! Yes, you! Show me your home, your kids, your pet, your spouse, a good home cooked meal all pretty on the table, anything that creates those wonderful memories that we hold dear. Those moments shared in the house that we all call home. I will also be sharing one moment, a recent or one from the past that made my house feel like a home. Such as the above one of my sweet Nora, this is her “spot” on the sofa and she will cut you if you sit here in the morning.

Share your pictures on social media and use the hashtag #OHNHhome. This way I can click on the hashtag and see all of you lovelies and your home. Each week I will randomly select 6 of the entries and put them in a collage to be shared here. I will also share the social media profile of those 6 features. So if you are a blogger or have a website it gives a little bit more eyes on your profiles (yay free publicity). 

I am so excited to get to know you all! I bring you into my home daily and breaking down that wall to see what creates the warm and fuzzies of a home is going to be so special. If you do not have social media and want to play along you can always send me a picture through email at emilye1@gmail.com. I will enter the picture into the random selection and share your first name. Let me know what you think of this, are you as excited to see what makes a persons house feel like a home? Let’s get this  What makes a house a home series – week 1 started!

Maybe it is the cozy fire, the stars from your front porch, the messy pile of toys in your living room, the cuddle session with your littles on the sofa, a quiet moment drinking coffee, even the dirty laundry! Let’s see those moments, the ones that will be filed away into the happy place that is your home.

Are you ready to share what makes your house into a home? Be sure to follow me on social media, you can click on them below! 





  1. What a wonderful idea! It is truly the people who make a house a home. I love pretty things, but I love filling my house with love and laughter even more. I’m looking forward to this series.

  2. robin masshole mommy says:

    For me, it’s the mess my kids leave behind. My house definitely has that “lived in” look.

  3. I love this! I think for me it’s definitely the memories- holding my newborn son in the living room for hours after bringing him home for the first time; the time he drew a “mural” on his wall- these are the things I think of!

  4. I love the idea of DIY projects… but mine always look like such. If that makes sense? and my husband is GREAT at projects but has a case of starting and never finishing!

    Your home looks so cozy!

  5. For me, it’s dinners around the table. We have kids ages 20, 7 & 5 so it’s difficult to get us at the table at the same time but we manage to do it almost every night with a little effort. It’s those conversations that really bring everything together.

  6. All those personal pictures, stuff collected together over the years. Warm blankets and gathering around the kitchen table for a home cooked meal.

  7. It’s always the people that makes a house a home. It’s the warmth feel of being with people special to you.

  8. I have memorabilia from my trips abroad, proudly displayed on top of my fireplace mantel. I also have lots of framed photographs of my children and grandchildren. My mother’s fine china is displayed on a glass cabinet. So many little things that make my house a home.

  9. What a great idea. I have so many pictures and family memorabilia displayed around my house. My kids’ friends call my photo wall the wall of fame and joke when one of them “makes it to the wall” in photo form.

  10. This is so true – it isn’t the things, it is the people and the memories! I love this idea!

  11. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    Oh I am loving your series!!! I may play along LOL! I love how bright your home is!

  12. In my mind to make a house a home there needs to be a lot of love and family with you. Any place can be home as long as you have your family. As fry far as the physical house I think having pictures of your family up all over the place is exactly the perfect way to make a house a home.

  13. My husband and I are in the process of remaking our home. We have tackled some projects, like the kitchen, but we still have a ways to go. As soon as we get things the way we want them, I will definitely be sharing it.

  14. For me it is the people in it and the photos. I love to decorate with out adventures!

  15. I think it’s about the customization. Not just photos, but the little things you improve to make it your own.

  16. My sofa is my absolute favorite place to be when I’m home. Even better with a soft blanket and the remote in hand.

  17. It is the people who live in a house that make it a home for sure, but it is nice to be comfy too! My kids and pets make our house a home, though they also mess it up a lot lol.

  18. This is such a lovely and warm idea. Since we are empty nesters, I love having our grandkids over because it makes our house feel more ‘homey’! I can still feel their presence for a few days later.

  19. What a wonderful idea. Can’t wait to scroll through the hashtag!

  20. This sounds like a wonderful series! I’ll be staying tuned!

  21. Love this idea! I’ll try to participate this week! Love IG!

  22. What a lovely idea! I think it’s really the people. Doesn’t matter how big or small your house is, the people in it make it a home!

  23. I love having a wall or area with travel pictures & momentous from trips. When I look at them it reminds me of all those special moments

  24. I love this idea. These Instagram hashtags are so much fun! Look forward to this :).

  25. What a super fun idea. I need to head over to instagram now and follow along

  26. I am also love DIY projects and am always proud to show them and my home off , so proud! This is a great idea – all of your readers will love it.

  27. I’m loving this idea. It will be really interesting to see what other people have to say. There is a lot that goes into making a house truly comfortable!

  28. I love adding little touches of me in my home 🙂 May I join in Emily ?

  29. What a great idea! I think it’s the people who really make a house a home – plus all the stuff that represents them!

  30. I also love to DIY project to really make them our own. But you are right that the most important things that makes a house a home is the family that lives in it. I look forward to seeing the photos shared with your hashtag!

  31. I will have to figure out a photo to share!

  32. I absolutely love this and your blog! I can’t wait to follow your next series. Thanks for letting us into your home! It’s beautiful.

  33. What a fun idea Emily!

  34. What a great idea! It’s so fun to take a glimpse into the decor and details that represent someone’s tastes. I agree that it’s the people that really make a house a home. 🙂

  35. Nice idea! i love it! the pictures hanging would probably one of what i will do too when i decorate my house.

  36. A home needs love, everything else is just icing on the cake!

  37. This is so very inspiring! A home is indeed defined by how you interact with your family and everyone you love. Love the photo arrangement on the wall, too!

  38. We’re all about the big holiday dinner, Sunday suppers, Sunday afternoons out in our pool once the weather warms, and cooking smores in the firepit. Those are always our special family times (and watching Walking Dead together …is that weird??) and we treasure them.

  39. I absolutely agree that it’s not the house itself but the house of love we build with those inside. I strive to show my kids this.

  40. There will forever be dog and cat hair on the couch. That’s what makes my house a home!

  41. This is one thing that I find difficult to do. I just never know how to decorate to get that home-y feel. I’m looking forward to reading more.

  42. I LOVE THIS IDEA, Sounds fun and guess what I just put the hashtag in one of my IG posts lol. You can find it here https://www.instagram.com/p/BNE5Yhygbff/?taken-by=chubskulitrose

  43. Omg what a cute and fun idea!!!! I’m all about home decore so this is just awesome!!!! Can’t wait to follow along!

  44. Such a great series Emily!!

  45. This is such a lovely idea! For me, it is the pile of toys in the living room that my little boy has. 🙂

  46. Love this! I always say, our home may not be perfect, but there is always love here and everyone is welcome! That is a home to me.

  47. This is a great series idea! For me, it’s having all of my favorite things in one place, including my family members!

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