Natural and rustic, a DIY filled Fall home tour

Natural and rustic, a DIY filled Fall home tour

I have been teasing about it all week here and on my social media, it is official time for my Natural and rustic, a DIY filled Fall home tour. The best part about this tour is not only do you get to see how I fall-ified my home, but you get to hop over and see a ton of other home decor bloggers homes too! I have the best blogging friends, and they all have such differing style. I love to take part in blog hops like this because I get to house stalk and you all get so much more inspiration than little ‘ole me can give you.

diy and rustic fall home tour

The list of fellow bloggers, and all of their links will be at the bottom of this post. But first, let’s see what my home looks like this fall season! I am keeping things light, bright, simple, DIY, and full of nature themed items. Which is a great mix to decorate your home. So much of my home are low cost ideas and crafts. Decorating for each season can get crazy expensive, but shopping clearance, off season, or DIYing it can keep that cost down. Also helping you decorate your home for all of the seasons!

seasonal decorating ideas for the home

entryway decorated for fall

My DIY rustic console table seems very fall friendly to me. Full of the natural wood color, and it’s rustic beauty. Yes, a table can be called beauty, especially one like this. This is my first holiday season working with my newly painted front door, and I am loving the darker feel the door gives off.

DIY wood pumpkins

These DIY 4×4 pumpkins I made and they are crazy simple to do! I have been on a 4×4 project kick, and will be sharing the tutorials to this next week. Be sure to check back in for that!

DIY console table

blogger home tour for fall

I have a lot of blue and busy patterns in my home year round. Finding a way to blend that into fall decor can be difficult. I tend to use a little less orange instead letting the yellows, golds and wood elements of fall come through. It is the easiest way to blend my existing decor into the traditional fall decor.

fall fireplace mantel decor ideas

The leaf string art on the fireplace mantel I created last year. It is a two-fer project with general fall showing now, and then turn it around for the spooktacular portion of this season.

bookshelf decorating ideas


nature themed home decor

This is a legit stick from our backyard. I simply spray painted it white, putting painters tape on a few spots to give the two toned effect to it. I promised simple ways to decorate for fall, and this is one of them!

cozy fall decor ideas

fall throw pillow ideas

Most of the throw pillows I have around my home have been purchased from various etsy stores. I like to have some unique items, and also the selection of patterns is amazing!

living room decorated for fall

pumpkin craft ideas

The leaf garland has a special feature, it lights up! I used twinkle lights and wound these leaves that I purchased from The Dollar store around the lights. It took me no time and I have the magical glow for fall in my home. I feel like fall is full of golden hues and having tiny glowing lights at night just adds to the gold colors.

glow light garland with leaves

twinkle lights for fall

using apples as home decor

Apples are another great addition to have for fall. People always gravitate towards pumpkins this time of year, but apples are also traditionally fall. Also, adding in the bright pops of red that apples give is a great color addition.

coffee table decor for fall

More nature, real nature shoved into my home decor! 

family room holiday decor

using nature items for fall decor

I have really high living room ceiling height. So I try to add some height to the items on my fireplace mantel, it adds a little drama. When decorating for rooms with a tall ceiling any regular sized item will feel extra tiny in the space. Going big, over sized will make the space feel though out. The first years we lived here I was always putting tiny decor items on the mantel and no matter how much I cluttered the mantel, it never felt officially decorated. Once I started thinking bigger, literally; things started working for me. Sometimes bigger is better, hey-oh!

yellow and light fall decorating ideas

mason jar craft

Mason jars for the win, always! I created these leaf mason jars and it was a really fun project.

what to fill in glass jars


stone fireplace ideas

fireplace mantel ideas for fall

As you can see, I kept the color scheme pretty neutral for my fireplace. I love pops of color, but with my stone fireplace it just feels right to let the Natural and rustic themed colors of fall take over.

mums for fall

early fall decorating ideas

dark gray armchair

This is a new addition to my home, and I am loving this arm chair in my home! My only regret is not getting two, or actually three because this is the chair my kids always fight over.

fall blogger home tour round up

hundreds of fall decor ideas

diy farmhouse table and fall tablescape

I decorated my dining room with a fall tablescape, and it was my biggest set-up in the dining room ever! I created two settings, one for adults and one for kids. You can see my ideas and ways I changed up the settings for each group here. 

fall tablescape

ideas for mason jar decor

Quick note, many think mason jars are “done” with decor. I say keep buying them and decorating with them! They are so versatile and easy to change up. I added some simple accessories to these and got a completely different look to the tried and true mason jar look. Most importantly, you can get a sh** ton of them for like 25 cents in most thrift stores. Buy in bulk!

how to decorate with orange and blue for fall

simple apple decor

fall dining room ideas

The beautiful fall scene on canvas was actually painted by my Grandma. She gave this to me a few years ago, which she painted in the 70’s. Aside from it being from her, the woman that raised me, it is also such a stunning painting! I always have it displayed in my home somewhere, and for fall it works perfectly front and center in my dining room.

fall kitchen ideas

I never know how to add seasonal decor in my kitchen. Truth be told I always struggle with how to decorate my kitchen, it is such a small space that anything on the counter top feels too much. I added some new rugs to my home and I adore the patterns on them. I have had to blend the new rugs into the seasonal decor as well. I am not about to get new rugs for every season!

The only real “fall” decor in here are the three canvas’s that my kids painted on. They lean up on the counter top and I have them strategically places to hide the outlets on the wall. Other than that, this is all the decor my kitchen can take. I need a functional kitchen, and all the counter space I can get. I do not have any extra spots to decorate for the sake of decorating. Function wins in my home, every time! 

small kitchen solutions to decorate

fall living room

Once fall comes around it is the start of my home going through monthly changes. I have general fall, then we ramp it up for Halloween, bring it back to general fall for Thanksgiving and then round out the year with the Christmas loveliness! Most would think this is a lot to decorate and change, I would not be one of those people. I am all for the planning, crafting, DIYing, shopping and decorating for each season and holiday! I want all of the seasons, and all of the things for each season!

how to decorate for fall

This Natural and rustic, a DIY filled Fall home tour is a wrap! I have a bunch of fall specific projects to share in the coming weeks, my fall front porch home tour will be happening next week! Then it is onward and upwards to enjoy the cooler temperatures, cozy nights by the fire, apple picking, and then the fun that is Halloween! So much is happening this time of year, in real life as well as in home decor blogging world.

fall home tour and fireplace mantel

For today my plan is to enjoy my Natural and rustic, a DIY filled Fall home and go and check out all of the amazing blogger homes featured in this tour hop! Seriously, if you need me I will be right here, oohing, ahhing, and then rearranging my home because I got some serious inspiration from the talented ladies and their beautiful homes!

Be sure to check out the other bloggers and their home tours! Have you decorated your home for fall yet?

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  1. Hey Emily – we love your fall home tour! Your special touches and DIY projects really make your house a home. The string art leaf is so unique! Thanks for sharing and Happy Fall!

  2. Love all! The ideas are great and the details delicious. Loved the keys on the pumpkins and each single thing you show us! Magnifique!! Here in Portugal we don’t use to decor our houses according the seasons – as far as I know – but is such a wonderful idea! I’m gonna get me some pumpkins, and instead of making some jam, I will use them to decor – at least one or two. Than I’ll let you know. Thank you for the wonderful tour. By the way: the wall gallery is awesome!

    • Thank you so much! Some people decorate for each season here in America, but a lot do not. It really depends on the person and if they are into decorating. I love to decorate so do it any chance I can get! Have fun decorating!

  3. Wow, I love all the hand crafted touches! DIY + budget friendly is my kind of decor. Your home looks so warm and inviting. And that gallery wall!!!!!! #goals 😉 Great job! Tiffany
    -Pretty Real

  4. I am just loving that photo wall!
    We had something similar until we went to put the house up on the market and then we took it all down. I totally miss it now more than ever!

  5. Emily, your home looks beautiful! I especially love the mantel with the string art! Was that little whale on the wall a DIY too? Very cute!!

  6. Everything is just lovely Emily! I love how you provide simply and inexpensive DIY ideas for others to decorate with! I mean, a painted stick from the back yard? Love!

    • Thanks! My husband looked at me weird when I brought in a bunch from a dead bush in our backyard. I knew what I was doing with it, and he got the picture eventually 🙂

  7. Your home is beautiful! I love all the fall touches and your gallery wall is swoon-worthy! Thanks for sharing it with us!!!!

  8. Emily,
    Your home looks so lovely and inviting. You blended the fall accents very beautifully into your neutral decor. The leaf wall art above your mantel is awesome! Happy fall!

    Much Love,
    Designing Vibes

  9. I really love the softness of your aesthetic! I don’t like all the glaring reds oranges and browns of fall usually! Your take on Fall is just lovely! 🙂

  10. Emily, your home is so warm & inviting! I love the art over the mantle-especially that it’s double sided & all the rustic touches are great!

  11. I love your tour! Your fall touches are fantastic! I think the “FALL” key pumpkins are my favorite – those are so neat!

  12. Everything looks great. I love that the pumpkins spell out FALL.

  13. Looks like fall has landed at your house! It must smell like cinnamon and pumpkin 🙂 Looks great

  14. Just stunning Emily! I love the colors and my favorite is the wood pumpkin on the console. Nice work, pinning!

  15. This was such a beautiful tour Emily, and crafty too! I loved seeing all of the personal touches you incorporated throughout!

  16. Your house looks so great for fall! I love the tall branches on your mantel, and your new armchair is so pretty! I’d be fighting over it, too! 🙂

  17. Looks amazing, Emily! I love your string art, 4×4 pumpkins and all the other little DIY’s. Great job!

  18. Great tour Emily!!! Love all the fall touches and that giant leaf over your mantel is my favorite!

  19. The key pumpkins are so great Emily!! So many great DIYs to try for Fall. Now, if it would only cool off outside!! 😉

  20. Love all your fall projects, love the white pumpkins with the key letters is so unique and the painted orange wooden crafts is my favorite.

  21. I am loving all the little touches that make your home festive. A branch here a pumpkin there. Very simple adn elegant.

  22. Love your space! I also love that your string art is double sided. That is genius and great for storage!

  23. Your home is beautiful! I love the fall leaf art over your mantle. Pinned!

  24. I love your “FALL” pumpkins on the mantle! Just a lovely tour, Emily!

  25. Your home looks so cozy for fall! I love your leaf art about the fireplace!

  26. Your home looks beautiful and all ready for fall! I am totally with you on decorating without spending a lot of money, and I love buying stuff at the end of the season, including all the craft supplies for the following year of DIY projects!

  27. So pretty Emily. I love your apple table centerpiece! The tray is super cute! Great fall touches in your welcoming home. 🙂

  28. I love this so much and appreciate that it doesn’t look cluttered! For the kitchen canvases, maybe you can put a small 3m hook on the tile for each one to hang. It would just get them off the counter and make it easier for you to cook on and clean that area.

  29. Beautiful fall touches! I just love your “F-A-L-L” pumpkins – such a cute idea!! And I so love your dining room light! Thank you for sharing your lovely fall home with us 😉 – Rachael

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