Entryway table makeover using peel and stick paper

Entryway table makeover using peel and stick paper


I am so excited for this post! I love doing furniture redo’s, they are fun to work on and the impact is always massive. Today’s post is about this Entryway table makeover using peel and stick paper! I have a super small entryway, which means not much as far as furniture can go in that space. Which is why a small table like this is the perfect piece of furniture to have there. Also, more storage, I always need more storage!

DIY table makeover with peel and stick paper

This project I worked on as a collaboration with Wayfair, they provided this simple and plain wooden table and my job was to transform it. Can I just say that I have the best job ever? Seriously, I get to work with great brands and decorate all day. This is part of their DIY By My Side challenge and there are other bloggers that redid the same table.


The first thing I knew I wanted to do with this was darken the wood. I love using darker wood tones, it adds such a warm feel to my home. I decorate in a lot of cooler tones of blue and gray, so cozy-ing it up with a dark walnut stain accent furniture is a great compromise. This table is on the smaller side, which works perfect in my tiny entryway. 


Staining wood is really simple. Be sure to wear gloves and I just dip a rag into the wood stain and wipe it onto the wood. Getting any streaks out by continuing to wipe.


If there is a smudge of wood stain simply continue wiping it over until it blends into the wood. Seriously, it is that easy!


Almost done with this wood staining job.


I am loving the finish and color! Notice the top of the table is not stained? I am going to be covering it with something else.


But first, a little pop of color needs to be added. There is this cute and simple inlay in the table. I wanted the inlay to be seen, it blended in too much once the table was stained.


So I went in with a steady hand and painted the inlay with a bright turquoise color. Nora is the photographer of these pictures while I was painting. She has gotten pretty good at being my assistant when need be. She did offer to paint the turquoise line but I did not take her up on that offer, I wanted as precise of a line as possible for this small detail. Instead I handed her my very expensive camera to take pictures. Parenting win! 


I am so excited for this next step! I have always had a obsession with marble, I love it with counter tops, on furniture, marble cutting boards (which is really not practical at all, but sooo pretty). When this table was shown to me I knew I wanted to add a marble top to it. I am using peel and stick marble paper, this is my first time working with this. I was honestly worried how it would come out, I wanted the marble paper to look authentic and not like paper with a marble pattern.


First step is cutting the paper down to size, but leaving enough for the edges to be tucked under the top of the table. Hiding any seams.


Peel the paper back.


Place it on one side and then pull tight across the other.


Using a smoothing tool and going slowly across the surface from one side to the other. Smoothing out any creases or lines. I left one side lose and smoothed the paper towards the lose side, allowing any lines or bubbles to be pushed out.


Once that was done I began folding down the sides, going under the overlapped table top.


Any excess paper I creased down.


Then used a knife to cut it off of the paper. When doing anything with peel and stick paper it is always best to cut extra, and then cut down more when needed.


I fell in love with the final look!


The marble paper is smooth and looks very realistic.



The mix of the cool tones of the marble with the beautiful wood and warm tones of the stain is perfect! I added other pops of turquoise in some great accessories.


Of course adding some function and organization to this. The weather is slowly turning cooler which will mean winter hat time soon enough. We have all of these great hats my aunt crochet, they are so warm and cozy. Having them right here by the front door allows for a quick grab of one when it is cold outside.



My home is filled with coastal decor, even though I live in the Midwest, I grew up in California and spent my days on the beach growing up. You can take the girl away from the beach, but can never take the beach out of the girl. I will forever be a beach bum and my house reflects that.


I am so happy I highlighted this little inlay detail on the table. Such a simple but adorable feature to the table.



As you can see, the mix of the wood and the marble is so sleek! I have seen many items like this in furniture stores, and it was so fun for me to play around with he table and supplies to make one of my own. I am seriously in love with this final look and want to get another table to have two of them to e on either side of my sofa. I adore the end result!



The entryway table makeover using peel and stick paper is one of my favorite furniture redo’s. It was so simple too! With the bones of the great and sturdy wood table I was able to really dress up the table. Adding the tiny pop of turquoise lets it all blend in together seamlessly into my home. Also, did I mention how easy this makeover was?!!!


On a personal note, I feel so lucky to get to do this everyday. I decorate my home, have so many DIY projects I am working on, and I get to work with amazing brands like Wayfair for their DIY By My Side campaign! This has become a huge part of my life but every once in a while I work on something like this and it hits me how great my “job” is. Also, having an adorable table like this greeting me in my entryway cannot do anything but put a smile on my face. It has an octopus and pops of turquoise, the entryway table makeover using peel and stick paper was such a fun project and what was a new idea for me has turned me into a marble paper addict. You think this is ok to put on kitchen counter tops? Asking for a friend 🙂




  1. it’s perfect for that space! I love the makeover.

  2. I’m such a fan of marble contact paper, and I’ve really been wanting to try it on a few different pieces! Love this!

  3. This is so awesome!! I love it. I’m a big fan of that marble contact paper – it’s the best 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, I love your style

    >> Christene @ Keys to Inspiration

  4. I love using contact paper! Great use for it with the small entryway table 🙂

  5. WOw what a wonderful make over. That table is beautiful.

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  7. Gorgeous Makeover – loving the marble effect and that stain and that octopus !! Emily

  8. This is really cool! I had no idea that they made something like this. I wish I was more crafty and could do more stuff like this.

  9. It did turn out nice. I always like a marble look. It’s timeless.

  10. That is a great look for your entryway. I feel as if I would make a mess using that peel and stick paper! It looks so good.

  11. Great idea. Thanks for the step by step pictures. I would have never known that it was peel and stick!

  12. Your table turned out beautiful and I love how you styled it too!!

  13. Oh my gosh, you make it look so easy! I had no idea that you could add wood stain so easily but the “marble” top is great.

  14. It looks so real! I love it, I can’t believe it’s paper. Pinning!

  15. Love how this turned out! Great upcycle!

  16. I love how this turned out! Especially the marble paper and the pop of turquoise!

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  18. That is awesome! What a great, simple way to give it a totally new look.

  19. what a beautiful transformation. I didn’t even know that “tape” existed. I have a small table that could use a makeover as easy as this one!

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  21. Very clever! I actually have that same contact paper, so I could do this. I also really love the hooks on the wall. That’s a project I need to do.

  22. I love the faux marble top! I never realized getting that look was so simple.

    • This was my first time using the paper, I was not aware it was so easy either! It is a great way to get the look of marble for much less time and money!

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  33. That’s really so amazing! I want to decorate my house without spending much money and I think of some DIY. And guess what, I have found yours. Thanks very much for sharing this to me! I’ll try at home!

  34. Wow the makeover turns out to be very impressive. I really like your idea and the table matches the room so well. Can’t wait to see the next posts sharing about some other awesome projects.

  35. So impressive! I have never completed any DIY furniture. I admired you. You’re so handy. I’ll write it down and follow your steps. Hope it works. Thanks for sharing!

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