Curb appeal challenge, the full reveal

Curb appeal challenge, the full reveal

adding curb appeal to your home

I am so psyched for today to be here! I have been working like a mad woman on this and I am so excited to have it done! I am talking about the Curb appeal challenge, the full reveal! This has been weeks of hard work, long hours, late nights, a major DIY fail, and me happy with the results regardless of all of the work to get here. Not only do you get to see wayyyyyy too many pictures of my front yard but you also get to see the lovely ladies that I joined up with and their beautiful homes! Oh, just in case you are not excited yet, we also have a giveaway! Full details are at the bottom of this post. Are you as psyched as me now?!


But first, lets review. The above picture if the “before” to this curb appeal challenge. To say it was challenging is the truth. Now, lets see that grand master to-do list I made!

Here is week 1,  week 2week 3 and week 4 for you to play catch-up if you need to. 

Let’s look at my goals and see what I have gotten done so far-

Paint the columns

Paint the front door

Possible new screen door

Paint or get new window shutters

New light fixtures in porch and on either side of the garage

Fix or replace the front bench

Redo two flower beds

Update the front porch decor

front yard and porch

I did it! All but the new screen door is done! I will be honest and say that this weekend, I was sweating this day. Tuesday felt like it was speeding towards me and I had a crazy long to-do list still. But, with Dale’s help I got it done. The screen door will be added at a later time. The hardware I wanted to have did not come in time. So I will be sharing that once it is here.

flower garden

The hardest work was the planters, actually the flowers was the easy part. It was pulling up the old and ugly plants that were there previously. We hit the Mother load of plant roots, and it took forever to rip them out of the ground. The plants were dead but the roots were holding strong apparently. However, I got through it and have some beautiful planters now to enjoy!

I got the cute little flag from Flagology, i will be sharing the details of this cutie, how I made it and hosting a giveaway soon! I figured I would give you all a heads-up for that fun giveaway! Coming soon!


lantern lighting

pine trees in yard

I do adore the large pine trees we have on the side of the driveway.

center planter ideas

garage door

I added new motion sensor lighting to the garage area, and they stand out so much more than the tired and dingy looking former lighting. Thanks to Lamps Plus I have the best lighting for my exterior now!

black shutters

lamps plus lighting

planter with rock border

This little side planter was not officially part of my plans. It has a lot of huge boulders that was cannot move out of it. So I have always tried to dress it up bt have to leave it pretty much as is. I did add more rocks to the border and like that it looks more thought out now.

wishing well garden decor

wild dasies

side yard


Roses will always be perfection to me!

side view

Here we go! Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what I did around here!

mixing teal and navy blue

I painted this bench and the rocking chairs. They were a pretty yellow, that was peeling off. I was ready for a change so I went with my trusty turquoise color. So far, I am in major lurve with this new color on the front patio. I will be sharing the full reveal and new tool I got to use to transform this furniture soon!

home garden

outdoor seating area ideas

Another huge difference is the shutters. I painted them black. In the pictures it does not appear to be that different from the dark green that they were previously. But I promise you, in person it is a massive difference.

teal furniture

outdoor rocking chair

Nope, it is official. I will never fall out of this love affair I have with Turquoise. I think it is getting pretty serious now, we are ready to make it official.

front porch with rockers

black shutters DIY


A pause in the curb appeal challenge reveal to enjoy this butterfly. She was a beautiful model and did beautifully.


I always get a ton of flowers to put in various planters around my home. I love the look of a over abundance of flowers.

house with black shutters

outdoor decorations

I also painted the columns. That was what took me forever. I tried a new paint removal idea and it hung me up for a long time. I was preparing myself to do the DIY walk of shame, post my Pinterest fail and call it a day. Luckily I was able to fix the problem and I have some shiny and new looking white columns.

front porch seating

front porch decorating

I painted the front door a really warm dark gray color. I am loving the mix of the gray, with the black accented. It feels so very classic to me! I also decorated my front porch with a few new accessories from AtHome.  I love to have a indoor/outdoor living feel to my home. In the warm months I take full advantage of that outdoor living. The best way to do that is with an ease of transition. I am sure to have ample seating options, cushy pillows, tables and decor items. This makes it feel like a legit extension of the home for summer.

front porch decor

outdoor rug

Are you noticing that stunning rug I have? I got it from Rug Studio, it is one of three that I got from there.  I will be sharing those beauties to you all later this week. I have been adding bold colors and patterns and the new rugs go right along with that!

outdoor plants

outdoor decor ideas

I was sure to keep most of the decorations for this outdoor space simple and neutral. I know, says the girl with bright turquoise chairs and rug. But, because I keep most of the decor neutral I can add those pops of color and texture without it feeling overkill. I do want to let the outdoor space, flowers, trees and nature be the true star of the show.

porch light

porch seating


What good is a front porch without a Welcome sign?!

patio seating

Remember when I mentioned ample seating options? We sit here frequently in the evenings. The kids will have their afternoon snack out here and wait for Dale to get home from work. I am sure it is such a sweet homecoming daily for him. I also will work, read, or relax out here and watch the kids play on the driveway. I have had a few people mention to me that after seeing our little seating area in the front of the house that they want one too. I think it is one of those overlooked areas, but it is great to have the area for relaxing.

porch columns

porch ideas

stone walkway

The stone path and front porch with it’s big columns and barrel ceiling have always stood out to me with my home. I fell in love with them instantly.

home front yard

front porch with columns


I had a few little ones that could not stay hidden while I took all of my pictures. I just realized I will need to eventually redo my one blog picture of myself. I am standing right where Nora is, but with a green door. First I need to go and get my hair done, I can build a table, play with any power tool….. be able to do my hair in anything more than a messy pony tail or frizzy mess…. I am a lost cause. 



front yard and porch

The work was sooooo worth it!

front yard

gray front door

I am so happy I went with the black shutters and gray door. I was worried it was too many dark colors. But I think the stark white of the columns and the light siding color it all works out.

front porch ideas


dream front porch

decorating with nature

Yes, those fake lemons needed to be added. I wanted a tiny pop of color to go with the yellow hanging planter. I thought it was subtle and one of those things that only I notice. But they make me happy.

decorating with lemons


flowers on porch


how to decorate front porch

I have to point this out, Dale was freaked out with this rug pattern. He thought it was a little too much for us, too busy of a pattern. He has since admitted I was right! When will he learn to leave the decorating to me?


adding flowers to yard

summer outdoor decorating ideas

Whew! This Curb appeal challenge, the full reveal is a wrap! I hope you liked my pictures, ideas, and inspiration! I am so exited to have this done, now I can sit back and enjoy my outdoor living space all summer long! People thought I was crazy when I said I was redoing my backyard patio area and front yard curb appeal, and I wanted it done before July. I did it! I do not see the point in me working all summer long on the outdoor spaces and then having to pack it in for the harsh Wisconsin winters. Nope, not this girl. I will be enjoying my outdoor spaces for three blissful months!

how to create an outdoor space front porch

Now that you have seen what I did to add some much needed curb appeal you can go and see what the other ladies came up with! Oh, and there is that whole giveaway thing to handle too!

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


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  1. It looks fantastic! Hard work, but so worth it in the end. Good job! Looks lovely.

  2. So in love with this tour!!! What a gorgeous update on the tequoite furniture. I LOVE turquoise also! I also love pops of yellow and you’ve done both!

  3. This looks beautiful! I desperately need to work on the curb appeal of my home!

  4. Crystal Foose says:

    It must not be windy where you live! I am so glad I live out where almost no one ever sees my house. I love the fabric for that pillow and the pom pom type purple flowers.

  5. Wow! Your hard work really paid off, you house looks fantastic!

  6. You’ve been busy! It all looks fantastic! I love the turquoise furniture and I completely agree that preparing the garden beds is the hardest part. But well worth it in the end.

  7. I just couldn’t love that little sitting area more. The turquoise paint was the perfect choice. Everything you’ve done is so happy!

  8. I have enjoyed seeing the step by step with this. Now to see it all together you can see how awesome it looks! You guys did a great job!

  9. Wow, you did an amazing job! It looks gorgeous, and I especially love the color of those chairs.

  10. It looks amazing- I’m really impressed! And I LOVE those blue chairs. Such a pretty color!

  11. Wow! When you are done with yours, you can come do mine! I thought the BEFORE picture looked great – but I am in awe at the improvements!

  12. everything looks so good. I am loving everything you did – love the walkway around to the back

  13. What a lovely tour. Everything looks fantastic. You did good. 🙂

  14. Your hard work is really paying it off, your house looks amazing! I love everything about your curb appeal project!

  15. Such a beautiful house. I love the transformations you do – shows the care you put into keeping your home yours!

  16. The little seating area is perfect and I love the updates to the shutters and the door! Gorgeous job, Emily!

  17. Your front looks so welcoming Emily! Great job with everything!

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