Curb appeal Challenge, adding lights and decor

Curb appeal Challenge, adding lights and decor

decorating the front porch

Whew, hello friends! This week is the first official week of Summer break for my kids, I have loved having them home. I adore my little ones and them being around makes the day so much fun. It also means I have three little shadows, mess makers, question ask-ers, hungry little people. They are kicking my butt and making me a big time slacker with my home projects, laundry… there is a lot happening around here and a lot NOT happening around here. But, this is week 3 of the Curb appeal Challenge, adding lights and decor! Next week is the full reveal! What?!!! I am excited to see my home in all of it’s shiny glory. But, I have a lot to do still.

Here is week 1 and week 2 for you to play catch-up if you need to. 

Let’s look at my goals and see what I have gotten done so far-

Paint the columns

Paint the front door

Possible new screen door

Paint or get new window shutters

New light fixtures in porch and on either side of the garage

Fix or replace the front bench

Redo two flower beds

Update the front porch decor


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OK, so I may be freaking out a little with what is left to do. I was feeling really good about what I have gotten done, and then I started crossing off this list. There is A LOT left to do. I have one week to do it all! Think I can do it?! I want to, for this challenge, but also just for me and my family. We have neglected the front of our yard for so long. I have never put my own stamp on the homes exterior. So this is all long overdo. I have been working on this often, but there will still be a big reveal for you all because I am currently working on the rest. The tutorials for all of my projects shared will be shared after the reveal.

front porch decor ideas

This past week I got to do some shopping for my front porch. I went to AT Home for some new decor items. This was my first time visiting the store and I was sooo in love with it. There is a ton of home items from furniture to small accessories. They also have a big section for outdoor items. I had a hard time limiting myself, who needs to pay bills?!! Not me, I wanted it all!

decorating with nature

front porch

Dale and Gavin were with me for this shopping trip and they all found some things they wanted to bring home. I ended up with a new Welcome sign, some beautiful wooden boxes. The awesome part about these is that they are Plexiglas, so they chance of them breaking is slim-to-none. I also brightened up the chair with a new throw pillow.

outdoor pillow

outdoor plants

My first inclination for these wonderful wood glass “houses” was to put low plants in. But, then I thought that these with height would be better. It shows off the great angle of the roof to these tiny houses. It also incorporated the new Welcome sign more by having them be on the same level as the sign.

decorating with lemons

I go super coastal in my home, but tend to lean more towards a simple nature elements for my front porch decorations. I had all of the fake greenery already in my home, and I thought they worked really well here. I added the lemons as a tiny, fun pop of color. I am fortunate to have this beautiful front porch and it protects my decor from most of the weather elements. I can get pretty fancy in this space and not worry about harsh weather.

front porch

decorating outdoor ideas

I love to have an outdoor space that feels inviting, and has an ease of use. I don’t want to have to “dress it up” every time I want to relax outside. All of this stays, at the ready for us to relax and enjoy.

decorating with nature

Another thing I was ready to do to the outdoor space was change-up the garage and front porch lighting. The front porch had this tiny little light, that I am pretty sure was hung upside down. It is the light the builders put in 15 years ago.

porch light before

The garage door lighting were a little better, when they were shiny and new. They have been hit hard by the elements and also the cheap material used. They are tin but with a gold look to them. Or they used to have gold colored finish on them. Now they look horrible and tired. It is time to retire these, we are actually going to be spray painting them and giving them to a friend of ours. They love the style of them and with a fresh new color on them will be stunning again.

light before

We could have done that with these and kept them for ourselves, but we were wanting to replace them with motion sensor lighting. We have a fun tradition in our neighborhood of ding-dong-ditch. Which is super fun for the teens I am sure, not so much when you are sleeping at midnight and the door bell rings. Queue the dogs barking, kids awake and us not happy. I am hoping the new motion lights deter this a tiny bit. I am one more ding-dong-ditch game away from turning legit grouchy old person and exclaiming “get off my lawn or I will call the police!!” Those darn kids, in my day we toilet papered the house but left the doorbell alone. Kids have no respect these days…

new exterior light

I got these three gorgeous lights from Lamps Plus, and I am in complete love with them!

how to change lighting

To change out the lighting is so simple! I was freaked out the first time we did this and expected my house to blow up, which it did not. You take off the original light.

new can lighting

Replace the template with the new one. Then once the base is secure you match the wires. Be sure to cap them appropriately. Also always check with your specific lighting instructions and only use the recommended wattage bulb.


We put in LED lights for all of the lighting, we are slowly replacing all of the lights in our home with that. They cost more, but they are much safer and last a long time.

lamps plus lighting

garage door lighting

That is it! I think they made the exterior of my home feel more updated. This home was built in 2001 and the home shows it. There is nothing obviously “old” or “dated” about it, but there is a difference in the finishes of this house and one built ten years later. I am looking to update this home and have it feel custom. No more builders grade finishes here!

garage door lights

These particular exterior lights have the option for how sensitive the sensor is and also how long it will stay on once triggered. It was easy to install and changing the setting is as simple as switching a button.


lighting details

The front porch light, I went with a big and bulky beauty of a light. It has a different look to it then the two at the garage. This one is not sensor and will stay on during the night. I adore the drama of this light! I am all for casual, but apparently exterior lighting does not need to be casual to please me.

porch light

Let’s ignore the ugly and tired looking front door for just a minute and admire the pretty that is the lighting and the decor. The front door will be shiny and new like the rest by next week!

light and decor

I enjoyed this week of this Curb appeal Challenge, adding lights and decor because I got to go shopping and make a relaxing place to rest on my front porch. Also, maybe the neighbors have some faith in me again because the exterior lighting is finally updated. No one wants to be “that house” and I am on my way to no longer being “it”!

front porch light

light at night

As far as what is left to do, I will be painting the front door, the columns, and the front patio furniture. The columns are a lot of work, I am just painting them white again. But in order to do it correctly I need to scrape off all of the current paint and then do three coats of white. No big deal, I just need a day of uninterrupted work time. Should be easy enough with summer break! Psh… right?

front porch decor

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  1. Your front porch project is so cute and pretty! Great job!

  2. The porch is so cute now. I love love the new lights. They make such a huge improvement!
    have a great week,

  3. So pretty! I love the decor and those lights are dreamy!

  4. LOVE the new lighting and all of your new decor! You’re killing it with progress! Can’t wait to see next week!

  5. I love the chair with the little pillow! And I absolutely love the new outside light fixtures! What a difference each little step makes!

  6. Everything looks beautiful Emily! I think I had that same exact light fixture that you had before I updated it last year. Those little houses for your plants are adorable.

  7. I love those wooden houses for the plants. So cute. The lighting is perfect.

  8. The look of the front porch is so charming, reminds me of a cottage by the beach.
    The lighting looks so so good, After reading that you said it was easy to do, I think I will try to hang my son’s light

  9. Love those wooden houses!! So cute especially with the lemons!

  10. You did so much more than I did, The flowers are gorgeous, there is no doubt you have a green thumb, everything turned out exceptional! The light looks, add such charm to the patio area. Maria

  11. This is coming along great! I really love decorating patios with chairs and lanterns. Chairs are great because you can add home textiles for every season and lanterns are similar. Add a bit of holly and lights for the holidays and you’re set!

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