Bedroom/office/craft room reveal

Bedroom/office/craft room reveal

master bedroom revamp

Today is the day guys! I have been waiting for this, working on this and literally dreaming of this room to be done. I am talking about the Bedroom/office/craft room reveal. I have hinted about it, and explained my struggle with this dual function room. For anyone just joining us, here is the quick run-down. I have a three bedroom home that has a living room, dining room, kitchen, and tiny room off of the kitchen that my kids use as their play room.

This home worked for years for us, now that I have this blog and my obsessions with all things DIY/crafting the needs have changed. Since I cannot magically add on another room, fingers crossed for that lottery win! But, for now I have made do with a desk in my bedroom, and a ton of disorganized clutter, boxes and bins. My poor suffering husband is lucky to get a corner of the bed at the and of the day. This simply cannot continue, for my sanity, my marriage, and my home decor loving heart. That died a little each time I walked into the mess that was my bedroom.

before bedroom

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There, I have put it all out for you to see. The real way my bedroom looked. If you notice, around this blog and my social media I did not share too much of my bedroom. Because it was a mess! I like to keep it real around here, no shame in my game. But, my shame does only go so far, I was not OK sharing how this room looked. Actually I guess I am ok showing it, now that it no longer looks like this. Kind of like pictures from middle school, we cringed at them. However once we are so far removed from that awkward phase we can look with fondness and some self deprecation wondering what we were thinking? This is me laughing at my bedrooms awkward phase.

I was not thinking in this situation with my bedroom, I was surviving. Now comes the fun part of this Bedroom/office/craft room reveal, I had a little help. Help in the form of Good Houskeeping magazine and a wonderful professional organizer they put me in touch with. I got custom advice from Maeve from Maeve’s method. I sent in my before pictures, horrible lighting, projects in the middle of creating. I gave it all to them, and Maeve came to the rescue. I did the work, but she made the process feel doable. The big struggle with this room was the multi-function of it.

I blog, write, craft, record craft video’s, take pictures, and occasionally sleep in here. I did get a fun look when we had trouble with our internet and the maintenance person had to go in the bedroom to look at our internet connection…. I had a camera and tri-pod set up, in our bedroom! Yes, I was mortified and fell into a long winded explanation. Really I froze up and said “I craft”, yep, cleared up that awkward assumption just fine. I can’t help the awkward looks about my camera in here, this room has the best lighting! I also can’t help but need more storage. I have a lot of daily items I use in here, craft supplies that need to be at the ready for me. All of these needs overwhelmed me and I did not know where to start.
bedroom craft room after

Maeve had me envision the room empty and plan what will work where with a blank canvas. This room is massive, but because of the window and entry wall there is only one spot that the bed can go. The set up of the staple bedroom furniture needed to stay put. She also recommended to divide the room in half, take advantage of the big square footage in here. A bedroom side and a work side, this way I can easily separate the two when the time is needed.

I love this idea, and decided to keep the majority of my work on the side by my computer desk. Because of the over sized bedroom Maeve told me to get a big storage cabinet to put on the wall between the bedroom door and bathroom door. Of course this meant a trip to Ikea where I purchased a Billy cabinet, some baskets, and planned my perfect kitchen. No I am not currently planning to redo my kitchen…. Guys, can we just talk about how amazing Ikea’s kitchens are?! I mean, come on. I spent way too much time talking logistics about a room in my home I am not redoing. My kids love to go to Ikea because they walk around pretending we live there, usual Saturday stuff around here.

craft supply

Back to reality, I redid this cubby cabinet which I shared the full tutorial on the blog earlier this week. Of course, when it comes to craft supplies you can never have too much storage space. Full disclosure, this is not all of my craft supplies. I have a basement that has a corner with shelves and boxes. But, these are the ones I use often. Saving me a trip up and down the stairs. I also run this home decor blog and occasionally I have to “stage” things. I will say I never stage things and then put them away. But I do change things around very often, little knick-knacks get moved, glass hurricanes need filling. I store these quick to grab items so I can pull from them quickly to set up a shot. This is first and foremost my home, but I love decorating it, taking pictures and sharing it with you all. So I need my home decor goodies ready to be used at a moments notice or good lighting streaming in the room.


bedroom design ideas

bedroom ideas

I know this was all about function, storage and making the multi-purpose space work. You know I had to pretty up the space! I painted the walls a beautiful and fresh light blue. I also got new throw pillows, provided by Bows & Burlap. They are perfectly sweet, calm and not too much busy pattern going on. Just what I was hoping for this room. Because I will be doing a lot of working in here, which with a home decor blog means a lot of clutter and “stuff” sitting out I wanted to keep the look and feel of this room as calming and fresh as possible. I may have given Dale a place to rest his head, but it is on a floral pillow. Baby steps, hey at least the wall color is blue!

flowers on pillow

wall art ideas

I made this frame, and will be sharing the tutorial of it next week. I took a cue from the posters I turned into wall art in my boys’ bedroom. Finding this gorgeous poster  and turning it into wall art for this room. I will admit I never expected to go a pink route. But the mix of blue, green, pink and white is giving me all kinds of home decor happy feelings.

world market curtains

With my plan to keep the room as bright as possible I thought white curtains would be best. Maeve recommended to keep things as light as possible in here as well to help the space not feel overwhelming with it’s multi use. I got these curtains from World Market, I am loving the subtle pattern and texture on them. The geometric pattern mixed with the soft colors and flowers in here helps make it feel modern. The rest of my home has tons of color and patterns, so I had to leave my mark in little ways in here.

nightstand decor

These baskets I got from Ikea. I love the herringbone pattern on them.

craft supply storage

craft room ideas

This bench was in our dining room for the longest time. I recently got new chairs for it and put the bench in here. This is proof of decorating fairies, this color of the bench which I painted years ago matches the wall art perfectly. I am talking, pure perfection match. Yeah,  and they say magic is not real. I was blessed with decorating fairy dust for that happy accident.

fireplace in bedroom

The before picture of this room was chair heavy. Maeve even mentioned I should get rid of a few, she said it very nice but I know she wanted to say “get rid of all of those chairs!” So I did, but one of these cane chairs is actually my computer chair. Dale also sits in here often and works on his lap-top in the evenings while I write, we call it couple time.

computer table

I redid the cane chairs and revamped the fireplace. Two of my favorite furniture redo’s I have done. Before you all ask me a ton of times in the comments, the gorgeous tree art is from World Market. Anytime I have shared that in a post people go gaga over it. I get it, I stalked that picture for weeks before I took the leap and bought it. Am I the only one that visits items at stores? Just to admire it? Just me…? Awkward…

ikea billy cabinet

I went to Ikea with the idea of a storage cabinet, I was not sure what I wanted exactly. I fell in love with this one, the glass doors were what hooked me. I knew I would set it up to have mostly decorative items on top and the heavy craft supplies on the bottom. I do plan to change the hardware and maybe put trim around the bottom, have the appearance of a true built-in.

storage ideas

Maeve was so right, this spot is the best place for a narrow cabinet. I get the storage and use this previously un-usable space. On the top shelves I have my mason jar collection, a few canvas’s with the best quotes ever I gave Dale for Valentines day years ago, and a few items I decorate my home with frequently. I change little decor items around daily. Just how I roll.

bookshelf decor ideas

craft supplies

DIY supplies

This basket will be ever changing. I have some tools or objects that if I am working on a project I use a lot. Usually they end up in a corner of my kitchen counter, where everything ends up. But, this little basket will hold those items. If I am putting together furniture I can put the tool needed in here. I get interrupted a lot when working on things. Kids…. they just don’t care that Mommy is decorating! This is my grab and go tool holder.

home staging items

paint storage

paint supply storage

I have a lot of sample paints, a lot! The major paint cans and paint supplies are kept in the garage. But these samples are used often for tiny home projects and crafts.

paper storage

sewing kit storage

This is for the sewing supplies I use. When I say “I” I mean Dale, he can sew, I cannot sew a straight line. So this is his section, my manly man can build tables, create software, and sew curtains. Yes ladies, he is taken and no he does not have a brother.

rope decor

bench storage

paper basket storage

These baskets hide my Cricut supplies. I have also used this bench recently to create crafts on. I will be sharing a post next week with pictures of this space in use. In it’s natural habitat. Because, as pretty as these pictures are… this is not natural. I wish! My kids like to literally throw the throw pillows, and I have a few projects generally in progress. Now at least I have a designated space to work on them!


bedside table decor

master bedroom decor ideas

That fan, it was a point of contention. Dale wants it to stay, I dream of a big, beautiful hanging light. I know the fan is functional, but, but, BUT I can make such a pretty ceiling light! For now this fan stays, only because Dale is taller and I need his help to take it down. I will win eventually!

you and me pillow

Another beautiful pillow from Bows & Burlap.

marker storage


master bedroom ideas

I am loving this room, Meave’s advice was amazing and I am wondering why I did not tackle this job sooner!

book decor

bedroom decor

bedroom storage ideas

See, the craft supplies are almost all hidden. It is a craft room in disguise, just like Superman… I mean Clark Kent. Next week I will show off this room in it’s work mode, just like when Clark Kent takes off his glasses and magically becomes someone else. This room transforms into the perfect craft room and work space for me.


We already have the superhero’s ready to use this craft room in disguise! Shameless Mommy moment showing off two of my three cuties! I was taking pictures of this room and they were being caped crusaders, typical happenings around here.

bedroom storage

bed table decor

I love the mix of the light wood color of the baskets and the dark furniture.

bedroom craft room

bed ideas

Such a cozy place to dream!

bedroom before and after

Just to remind you, this is the before and the after. Actually this is the before from years ago, the actual before was shown in all it’s messy glory earlier in this post.

master bedroom collage

I did it! This Bedroom/office/craft room reveal is done. I did not do this alone and have to thank Good Housekeeping  for the encouragement and putting me in touch with Maeve from Maeve’s method.  She talked me down from the ledge of despair, helped me see the problems and the simple solutions for this bedroom. More storage, designated stations, keeping the functions separate and get rid of the chairs. I took her advice and ran with it, making the room pretty again because I could not help myself. This was the last untouched room in our home. Now we have white trim in every room, and beautifully painted walls. I shared the full reveal today and next week will be running through more of the process, the work I put in and sharing how I create crafts and craft video’s in this room. Letting you see it with all of it’s function. For now I am going to go and rest in my newly revamped bedroom!

How do you handle a multi-function space in your home? 


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  1. Looks beautiful, Emily! It looks much more fresh and organized than before. I love how you thought through the function of your room and then set it up to work best for you. How exciting to have it finished!

  2. You did a fantastic job! It’s lovely and looks very functional!

  3. What a beautiful transformation!

  4. I love that cubby storage! Usually these look so cheap, but yours is nice with the wood and looks beautiful!


    • Thanks Melissa! I agree that those cubbies tend to look cheap, and it was pretty wobbly. The wood actually helped it be more sturdy too.

  5. It looks lovely! So bright and inviting.

  6. Such a beautiful transformation, I love the color you chose for your room! Keep sharing the amazing work you are doing! Malibu Mama Loves Xx

  7. Fantastic use of color and accessories. Blue is a wonderful color for bedroom design. Even though you have a lot of elements, the room doesn’t seem crowded at all. Great job!

  8. This is just what I needed! I’m trying to figure out how to get my computer in my room and this post was perfect. Thanks for sharing! Your room looks great!

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  11. Wow, your efforts have definitely paid off, what a beautiful transformation!

  12. I totally need to do this. Some of my room looks like a storage room right now.

  13. I relate you on so many levels….. I too visit many things at the store before buying them. And I love IKEA kitchens, my sister did her kitchen from IKEA and now Im hooked… we have it slated for October… I love so many of your things! The storage in the fireplace looks adorable, and I would steal that tiffany box blue desk from you in a heartbeat! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love the end result!! I struggle with having some office stuff in our room as well, love the bench at the end of the bed too great idea for storage!

  15. What a beautiful transformation! You did such a great job 🙂

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  18. What a gorgeous transformation, Emily! The room is stunning!

  19. I love the suggestions Maeve gave you (I’m going to use some of them!). It’s super impressive that you were able to combine so many functions into one space!

  20. I think the pink looks great! The whole thing looks awesome. I love it. Way to go. I need you to come do mine next!

    • Thank you so much! I would love to decorate other peoples homes, don’t tempt me to come over with paint cans, rollers and too many ideas 😉

  21. Looks so good, Emily!

  22. Really great solutions, Emily! And so many pretty pictures to take in! Great job!

  23. looks like you did a great job! i love the light colors. they go well.

  24. OH WOW!!!!! That was an AWESOME renovation!!!! I love everything about it. You gave me so many great ideas here. I can’t wait to start making my own office/craft room! And also how lovely are those pillows!!! LOVE it!

  25. I really like the storage area at the end of the bed. Goes with the light and uncluttered feel of the new room design.

  26. Love your room! I love how a few simple tweeks and colors can transform a room!

  27. What a gorgeous reveal! I really do love the color combinations. I have to say, I’m ‘Team Dan’ when it comes to the ceiling fan 😀

  28. Diana Gamble says:

    Not only do I “stalk” items in a store until I decide I can afford them, but I often take an item for a ride around the store in my shopping cart. They get so bored sitting on the shelf ! Sometimes I actually buy them, but most often I put them back so I can hope they go on sale soon. So, see–you are not alone being weird !

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