Cabinet upcycle, creating craft supply storage

Cabinet upcycle, creating craft supply storage

Guy’s, I am so excited to share this project! This has been a few weeks in the making, not so much the cabinet I am sharing but the bigger picture. I will get to explaining that in a minute. First, today is all about this cabinet upcycle, creating craft supply storage and this little beauty deserves it’s time to shine! I love to upcycle furniture, and do it a lot. I also adore adding function to my home, it is a bonus if the function is more storage. We all need more storage, just reality.

cabinet upcycle

I am excited to share this because on Friday, I will be revealing this big ‘ole space. I explained it a tiny bit here. It is my master bedroom/craft room. We do not have a designated office in our home. Three bedrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, and tiny room off of the study that is my kids play area. For years this worked for our family, now that I have this blog those needs have changed. I have overtaken our bedroom with my office area, where I write these very posts you read. I also do a ton of crafting in here because I am able to work, stop when needed, keep the door shut and my projects away from “helpful” tiny hands. Of course my dream would be to have a massive craft room and office for me. Where I can let my mess, creativity, and blogging go crazy. For now I have to make do with a dual function bedroom. The dual part of this was lacking. Our bedroom was overtaken with crafting things. On Friday I will be sharing the full story, plan, and my collaboration with shmood zouskeeping. The code is impossible to crack and you will never know who I collaborated with, this is still top secret, so I can’t reveal it all. 

cabinet before

Today though, I can reveal this wonderful project which is just the tip of the function and storage iceberg of this room. I had this standard cubby unit that was in Nora’s bedroom, you can see it in action. Since then her bedroom has gotten a tiny revamp, which I hope to share soon! But in getting her revamp done a lot of the toys she used to play with she no longer uses. So this cabinet was kept empty in her closet. I felt it was disrespectful to keep this cubby blank. I mean, it was created to store things. I cannot let this underuse of it happen any longer. Out of respect for this cabinet and my need for storage I commandeered it for my needs.

wood sides for cabinet

Before I stuff this with craft supplies, I felt with it going in our bedroom it needed to be fancied up a little. Dale and I are classy people, who have been living with literal boxes holding craft supplies in our room. But still, fancy people! I thought some dark wood added to the sides and top of this would make it be truly fancy. I had these pine boards in my garage. Two set side-by-side almost fully cover the width of the sides of the cabinet. It left about a 1.5 inch space. I thought I would make this work to my benefit and add a little extra detail. Using different wood I cut small 1.5 inch thick wood pieces. These will run down the center of the two other boards. What I was hoping is that the obvious center difference looks thought out and planned versus not having the right sized boards. I have to say, I love how it turned out! You will see soon enough.

how to stain wood

I used a dark walnut stain for the boards.

cutting back board

I felt that there was still something missing with my plan. So a back for the cabinet is what I did next. Using a thin MDF board, cutting down to size.


I had this peel and stick paper left over from a bench I recently redid. Now, usually I would not want something to be too matchy-matchy. But these two pieces are in separate rooms, so I feel that I can use the same paper again.

peel and stick paper

I purchased this paper from Michaels craft store and it is literal peel and stick. So easy to work with!

using wall paper

I peeled it and stuck it on. I know, getting really complicated here. But, you do have to be sure to smooth it down so that there is not visible creases. I had to lay two sheets of it down to cover the new board backing. This will be visible when looking at the storage cabinet.

cutting corner of paper

Because it is paper I did not want there to be a chance for the ends to tear. So I kept a edge, having an excess piece on the sides. I cut a diagonal line on the corner.

folding back of paper

Then fold the side pieces onto the back of the cabinet. This portion will sit up against the wall. I did tape a few pieces down to confirm non of it would be moving.

nailing back in

Once the paper was on I got a few thing and short nails to nail into the back of the board.

nailing back onto cabinet

back of cabinet

This is when I got all giddy! I am a die-hard home decor fan, and love when something is coming together so well!

cabinet with no wood sides

Now, these recently stained wood is ready to be attached to the cabinet sides and top.

wood glue

Putting a ton of wood glue on.

using clamps to hold wood glue on

Then securing with a bunch of clamps, let the clamps sit overnight. Luckily it just takes a night to work, because my kids watch about 30 minutes of TV while I am making breakfast every morning and this was sitting on the coffee table, blocking the TV. You do not want to deal with my kid’s routine, and them not seeing the TV in the morning is not ok. Full disclosure, that is about the only TV my kids watch all day, so it is their precious time. The wood was glued on, stuck and I was able to move this out of the way before they woke up. All was OK for my kids.

wood glue on top

The top was put on the following night.

DIY home project

Attached the same way as the sides were.

dark wood stain

I am so happy I went with this different middle piece. I could have either went and purchased new wood to match the size needs for the cabinet. Or try to have it all blend in together. I went another way and made it extremely obvious in it’s difference. I did not stain the center with a different stain, it simply had different wood grains and took the strain differently. You can be honest, what do you think of the middle piece? 

craft room

Here is where the reality of a home decor blogger sets in. This is not how the cabinet is set up, not even in the same spot in the bedroom now. I simply wanted to share this all set up for you guys. A lot of the craft items are the same, but the set up and location will be different for the reveal. Also, I painted the whole bedroom a new color. So much to reveal on Friday!!

art supplies

This  Cabinet upcycle, creating craft supply storage is done, and full of function and style! “These are a few of my favorite things”. I should sing this like Julie Andrews and dance around my room, which I do far too often in real life if I am honest. If you see me in here writing or creating I have music playing (loudly) and I sing (loudly) right with it.

art supply storage ideas

cubby decor

This is not all of my crafts, let’s be real, I am legit craft supply hoarder. I have a lot stored in ugly bins in the basement. But, I do a lot of daily crafting, decorating, and creating. These are my daily staples, this is the equivalent of a good pair of shoes. They are what you grab everyday to get things done.

craft room storage


Of course some baskets had to be used in this Cabinet upcycle, creating craft supply storage. I am not even sure I could remain a home decor blogger if I did not utilize baskets in my storage solutions. I am almost certain I signed an oath to use baskets and bins in every organizational idea. Along with being obsessed with mason jars, chevron patterns, and using words like crisp, clean, bright and fun to describe a home. Just the lingo we home decor bloggers talk and the supplies we use to entertain you all and fill Pinterest with more ideas. I would tell you more about the oath we all take, but…. I would have to invite you over for coffee from my coffee bar with cute sayings on the mug while we sign on the dotted line in blood glitter and twine. Us home decor bloggers take this seriously and love to laugh at ourselves, we are much more than pretty homes.

using baskets for storage

wood detail

Now that I revealed too much about home decorating and blogging, lets get back to this beauty of a craft supply cabinet!

craft cabinet

craft supply storage ideas

I have used the supplies a few times since this is set up and the ease of my everyday craft supplies being here is wonderful. I can grab what I need quickly and get to creating. It is also so much nicer to have it in a pretty cabinet, no more boxes and bins on the ground. We have gotten our bedroom back! Mixing an oasis for us and a work space for me.

bedroom storage ideas

cabinet upcycle collage

You will have to wait until Friday for the full reveal! This Cabinet upcycle, creating craft supply storage gives a really good indication of what the room will look like. I have some patterns, texture, a lot of pretty, and a ton of storage. I also have figured out a way to separate the two spaces without having it feel divided. I know, a lot going on and I am so antsy to share it with you! I have been working in this room for a few days now and it feels like a dream space to work. So don’t forget to check back here on Friday for the full reveal! I will also be rolling out more projects done in this room next week.

How do you add storage to your home? If you are a home decor blogger, what is a mainstay for us bloggers other than baskets and bins? 


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  1. This is SO pretty Emily! LOVE that middle piece adding a bit of contrast and the paper backing looks perfect!

  2. So pretty! I’m always needing more storage 🙂

  3. Amazing upcycle, Emily! I love the backing of this shelf. It makes everything pop. Great job!

  4. I love what you did! It looks twenty times better than just the plain white cabinet! Great job!

  5. Great upcycle! I could use more shelves in every room of my house!

  6. So pretty! Love the rustic feel and the fantastic wallpaper!

  7. Very pretty. I don’t have the patience, so bully for yo that you do, haha.

  8. So lovely! And great touch with the wallpaper backing!

  9. I need to do this desperately in my craft/laundry room, it look so fresh, simple and very functional, great job!

  10. I cannot even believe how cool this is. I just added baskets to mine and felt like a winner. ROFL I was proud that I decluttered but THIS is so inspiring. And I have one more blank cubicle canvas left. Hmmm. But yet, I once super-glued and Easter egg to the palm of my hand. :/ Something I will have to think about before breaking out that amount of glue.

    • Ha ha, baskets are always a good thing! You are hilarious and have me laughing with that Easter egg story, hopefully you did not get too hurt removing it.

  11. Such a great idea! I love how you covered the! What a great touch!

  12. You did such a great job with this! I really love the cover you put on the back panel. It came together very nicely.

  13. I desperately need some attractive storage solutions for my home. This is great!

  14. I am so NOT creative when it comes to these types of home projects. This piece is spectacular. A lot of work, for sure… but well worth it. So much better than press board and plastic bins.

  15. Emily, I found this via the SU group on Facebook and I totally love this upcycle! I would love to feature it on my 2nd site, DIY Furniture Makeovers ( if that’s alright with you. I’d include one before and one after photo, with a brief description and link back. Let me know how that sounds. Thanks!

    • Hi Jen, thank you so much for reaching out to me! I would love to be featured. Thank you so much for asking! Let me know when the post goes live!

  16. You’ve done a great job with this, I really like it – pinned! 🙂

  17. It’s awesome. I did a bookshelf like that for our kids’ room and love it.

    So where do you put the rest of the craft project supplies? Seriously. Your too crafty to not have an overflowing closet somewhere, right? Other maybe I’m just a craft supply hoarder but I designated an entire closet to supplies when I started adding kids stuff to my stash:)

  18. This is great! We have tons of cubbies like these in our home. Makes it so easy to keep things organized. I had never thought of lining the back with contact paper. I’m all about contact paper. I need to do this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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