Washi tape letter art

Washi tape letter art

letter b with washi tape title with WM

Hi all! I was going to start this post off with a joke about how I like things cheap and easy, but I thought it had a seedy connotation to it and some of you might be newbies who do not get my humor yet. So instead I will say that this Washi tape letter art is simple and low cost with a dose of cheap and easy. I am on my best behavior today beause I am sure I have some new visitors visiting from other blog’s, because today I am teaming up with a talented group of blogging ladies for a new series! It is called 6 creative ways to use…. washi tape! Each challenge our group will work with a theme and then all come up with different projects!


Washi Tape Feature Image_Large

These ladies – Emily from Small stuff counts, Amanda from Burlap and babies, Megan from The homes I have made, Karen from A house full of sunshine and Ariel from PMQ for Two are some of the sweetest and most talented bloggers I know. This is a new decorating challenge and I am so eager to learn and be inspired by them! You will be able to get to their project’s at the end of this post. For now, it is Washi tape letter art time!

washi tape project

Here are my supplies – a piece of cardboard, some adorably patterned and colored washi tape, oh and scissors which I did not photograph. I think we all know what those look like.  I warned you I am cheap and easy (wait, I mean my crafts are!)

washi tape

I fell in love with the colors and patterns, but to be honest there is a ton of options available when it comes to Washi tape. I purchased these from a craft supply store and went a little Washi tape crazy, who knew I was commitment phobic with Washi tape? I wanted them all and really struggled to decide which ones. These were the lucky three.

letter b

I drew freehand a letter B, for our last name. Which my kid’s promptly asked if it stood for butt. They got all excited when they were thinking I would spell out butt. Yes, of course that is what I would spell and have it sit in our entryway. “Hello, welcome to our lovely home which is brought to you by the letter B and the word butt. May I take your coat?” Kids are weird to assume this was actually going down.

cardboard letter craft

This is not a trick, I did not swap out the cardboard for something fancier. I realized the cardboard had a white side and figured with the washi tape a little transparent the white background would work best.

making washi tape craft

I determined the pattern I wanted the tape to be in. Then started rolling out and sticking down.


making tape craft

With the letter B I had a few issues. The curve of the letter itself made the tape not be evenly lines up with the curved edge.

back of letter

I fixed this by cutting on the sides where it hit the curve. Then pushing the tape down. Super simple and easy of a fix.

using washi tape for craft

Perfectly curved with the letter now!

washi tape craft

making letter craft

I fell in love with how it turned out! I tend to decorate with light colors – gray and white mainly. But giving pops of blue and busier patterns is my way to spice up the space.

wood frame

I made this wood frame and the tutorial can be found here.  I have already reused these a few times, most recently one of them became the backdrop for a silhouette art piece I made. I love these little walnut colored wood scraps. Now that both are firmly with their attached art I will be making more to have, just in case. Some people have back up flashlights, batteries, or a backup goldfish in case the first one dies too soon. I have back-up decor in my home, just in case.

double sided tape on craft

I already talked about my commitment issues with craft supplies, and while I adore this B on the wood I am not 100% certain they will be joined together in holy matrimony forever. Using double sided sticky tape allows me to attach the letter to the wood board, but it gives me an exit strategy.

making washi tape project

Smush it all down to confirm the letter is stuck to the wood and this Washi tape letter art is done!

monogram washi tape letter

gallery wall

I set the B on my console table that is in the entryway/living room. Here is my wonderful new gallery wall. I changed things up and expanded the scope of this, which I will be breaking down and explaining tomorrow!

details of monogram B

I love all of the fun patterns on this washi tape.

monogram washi tape

letter b washi tape

The mix of busy patterns and the tradition of the dark walnut wood is a fun contrast to have. A little whimsy and rustic meshed together.

letter b with washi tape

I warned you that this Washi tape letter art would be cheap and easy, just the way I like my crafts to be! There is no reason to spend a ton of money or time on something this small. Have fun with it, spend a few dollars and knock it out in about 30 minutes. None of us have more time than that to commit to a craft. Are you ready to go persuing the other ladies projects? I know I am. I saw a sneak peek with the image but have not seen the full projects yet and I have the need for some inspiration and I know these ladies will deliver! Simply click on the image or name below and it will take you to their specific project.

Image Map

Have you fallen in love with Washi tape yet? Any new projects with it? 


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  1. That’s so super simple yet it makes such pretty wall decor ! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. How creative! I’m always on the lookout for fun activities to do with the Grandchildren and they would get such a kick out of this one. They will be so excited.

  3. This is adorable Emily! I would have never thought to use it on a letter and love the outcome! May have to give this one a try sometime!

  4. Oh how easy! I am totally doing this, this weekend!

  5. I love using washi tape for craft projects. How cute is that “B” letter you created using washi tape. I’ve been all over using cardboard for crafts lately too. Thanks for sharing this cute project!

  6. This is so great. I have never used washi tape, but have seen some of the most adorable crafts with it lately. I think I’m going to have to try it!

  7. I love the wood in particular that is the background of this. Very cool and rustic.

  8. Yes! I can make this! I love working with washi tape and we always have cardboard! I love the new look of your gallery wall! Lol @butt kids!!! Pinned 🙂

  9. I really love the wood backing, great project Emily!

  10. What is not to love about cheap and easy? I think I like this one even more than the painted circles yesterday!

  11. This is so cute! Great idea! I love the colored patterns together!

  12. Sooo cute, Emily!! Back-up home decor? Still giggling at that one. I may do the same myself. Decor is serious business, people! 😉 xo

  13. I LOVE this so much, Emily! It is indeed so easy and cheap, but looks AMAZING! I’m so inspired to give it a try – talk about a great way to fill up a gallery wall – plus I pretty much swoon over anything navy and turquoise!

  14. I love a good monogram letter. May have to try this one myself! XO

  15. What a cute craft, Emily! I just love letter art. Thanks for joining in on the washi tape fun for our challenge!

  16. A very lovely washi tape craft. i find that I usually have to go for the high-end washi tape because they usually last the longest. Not sure what you think 🙂

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