A silhouette giveaway and creating new wall art

A silhouette giveaway and creating new wall art

silhouette wall art title image

I am not sure if you know or not, but I am pretty obsessed with my kid’s. It is bad, embarrassing, kiss attacking, Mommy cuddling, and talking about them way more than what is socially appropriate. My home also reflects my obsession with my littles. I know that my affliction is not mine alone, if you are a parent you have the same thing going on. Which means you have pictures of them, drawn by them, and inspired by them all over your home. I joined up with a group of talented bloggers to create something using a silhouette cameo. Of course mine has to do with my kids, as I explained earlier… I am obsessed! A silhouette giveaway and creating new wall art is what this is all about today! Yes, you read that right, a giveaway as well! What?! You can win one, and all of the details are at the bottom of this post along with every single one of my friends amazing projects. Now, let me share how I created this silhouette wall art of my kids. It was soooo easy!


Seriously, such inspiring ideas! 


kids with WM

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures I have ever taken of my trio of littles. We were walking home from the school bus stop and they all spontaneously held hands. They were talking away and it was so sweet. I snapped the picture and never realized the magic I caught with this until months later when I stumbled across the image again. Hence the really obvious and annoying watermark, it is too cute and I want to keep it mine. Anyways, I used this image and edited it to erase the background, just leaving the kid’s silhouette’s. You can do this in most image software editing and websites.

kids image

With my newly background free image, that is what allowed me to create this silhouette of my kids. I uploaded the new image to be printed out. It is all done for me! All I do is edit the image and the work is done for me. In seconds I have a image cut in the exact shape of my little ones holding hands and walking.

peeling back image

Pull the vinyl paper that the image was cut onto off of the image. It is really easy to do because the image was already cut!

transfer paper

Next comes time for the transfer paper. This allows for the image to be moved from the printing sheet and onto my desired surface. Smooth out the transfer paper over the image and pull up. The freshly cut image will be on the transfer paper. Then smooth it out onto the new surface. In my case a plain black piece of card stock paper. I wanted to keep this classic and figured a black and white silhouette was the perfectly classic look.

peeling off transfer

Peel back the transfer paper. If part of the image gets pulled up as well smooth back the transfer paper, push down on it and try again. If you do it slowly there should be no issue with getting the paper off.

making wood frame

I made this simple dark wood picture frame which I shared over at Homedit. I call them picture frames because I have used the two I made as a modern and rustic frame. But, these can be used as table decor, book shelf decorating accents, so many uses for them that now that I have this hung on the wall I will be making more of these to just have in case I need one or two to warm up a space. This is going to be the new frame to this silhouette art of my kids. 

double sided tape

I lined the back of the image with double sided tape. This way if I do ever want to change out the image I can swap it out without damaging the pretty walnut wood finish.

kids shiloette

It is done! My kids silhouette art is complete! I added standard picture hanging hardware to the back and had to find a place top put this.


Since I rearranged the furniture in my home last year I had this gallery wall that I bulked up. I added some new images and stretched it out. I will be sharing the full reveal, before & after and explain how I went about creating this gallery wall next week. I had one spot on the very top that was blank. I needed something there, can you guess where I am going with this?

gallery wall

Yep, I put this beautiful silhouette art of my kids in that spot. It adds a uniqueness to it and warms up the wall with it’s dark walnut color frame.  Watch out for that gallery wall post next week.

family picture

cricut project

I adore how it turned out, and me creating this on my own would not have been possible, a machine like the Silhouette cameo is what makes projects like this possible. It takes the guess work and room for error out of it. Leaving in it’s place precision and true works of art!

gallery wall ideas for living room

I warned you that I was obsessed with my kids, this wall proves that! I do balance it out with pictures of our extended family and some general scenery, however my kids are the main theme of this gallery wall. It is ok though, it is our home, I am their Mom and I decorate this space. I am not feeding into their ego any, they already have an inflated one and think they are awesome, just ask them!

silhoette project

This silhouette giveaway and creating new wall art is ready to be shared, inspiring and for someone to win! I am so excited for you guys, seriously these things are crazy useful but can be crazy expensive. We got you covered for that! All you have to do is enter to win and then create your own beautiful projects! The giveaway does not start until 2 pm on 2/4/2016 (today) and goes until Sunday. To enter you have to have an Instagram account and go here to see the full instructions. It is as simple as following along. The full rules can be found in my profile, and once you follow me I can follow you back and we can get to know each other!

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How amazing are those projects? There is so much to do with a Silhouette cameo!

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  1. What a great idea!! That photo is the perfect one to make a silhouette of, and it turned out beautiful. The walnut wood on your “frame” is just gorgeous!!

  2. Such a sweet sweet picture! I love the idea of doing this! Pinning!

  3. That is so cool! I love the idea of a silhouette picture, definitely have to try this. By the way, I LOVE your gallery wall!

  4. Emily this is adorable. I love the charm of the picture. Your gallery wall looks fantastic. I am entering the giveaway today. I want a Silhouette cameo so bad. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a sweet idea! You are gallery wall QUEEN! 🙂

  6. This is so cute!! I love it!

  7. Such a cute photo and such a cute way to display it!

  8. Such a sweet photo – even sweeter as a silhouette! Great project, Emily!

  9. I L-O-V-E your gallery wall. I really want to do this but have not been organized enough to get it together. You’ve inspired me to try to get that going! I love the silhoutte, too!

    • Thank you! I love gallery walls and worry I have too many in my home. I will be sharing the process of me creating this gallery wall next week.

  10. My 7 would never spontaneously hold hands, but i may force them to. i don’t know if my artistic skill is up for tracing though. I suck that badly.

  11. Hour sweet! I would love to do something like this for my kids.

  12. That one awesome wall!! Love the silhouette sign you created with Silhouette. So lovely!

  13. Great idea! I really need to invest in one of these!

  14. What a sweet sweet project. I just love it! It’s such a fun picture to treasure and none of your kids have to be smiling. For all we know they have their tongues out and are calling each other names!

  15. What a Beautiful project!!? I love how you did it. I would love to win the Silhouette Cameo? I don’t have Instagram since my phone drags so much or I would enter? I wish I could of won it cause it’s expensive to buy. Guess next time, huh. I love everything you do and come up with. Truly remarkable! Keep up the GREAT WORK, very inspirational

  16. This is so nice. I think you can do one every year just to see how they grow!

  17. I love that silhouette picture you made and I am in love with your gallery wall! Pinned.

  18. I always look forward for your ideas. Love your posts.

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