Create & Share November- Fall tablescape

Create & Share November- Fall tablescape

fall tablescape with title

Can you believe we have one more week before Thanksgiving?! Well, that is if you are American. If not, this post will still tickle your fancy, it is all about fall beauty. It can work for non Thanksgiving specific dinners as well. Really, I set this up and then my family and I ate dinner on it. It was taco night, and the fall leaves on the table added to the ambiance! I am sure you are all aware by now, I take part in a monthly challenge called Create & Share. Each month a group of blogging friends and I have a theme to create something, and share it. I know, showcking… and the name of the challenge did not give it away at all :).





This month we are all about the Thanksgiving and Fall tablescapes. We all like to eat fancy sometimes. Making that special set up for you and your guests. I had a lot of fun creating this one and have a secret to tell you. Almost everything featured in my tablescape was purchased at either the dollar store, or Wal-mart. You can entertain your guests with low cost ways to dress up the room. I also stuck in a few quick and simple DIY projects, because that is how I roll.


This is the first mini project I created. These are tiny pumpkins purchased from the dollar store.


While they would have worked as is, with their cute fall colors. I wanted to spruce them out, make them feel a little more fresh.

fall leaf table runner

I did that by spray painting them white! It was a super quick way to make them work for a more calming fall setting.



adding fake wood to mason jar

The next mini project I did was use this tree bark paper and wrap it around my ceramic vases on the table. Covering the dark blue line on them that is beautiful but does not mesh with fall.

vintage vase 2

Putting these two little things together I get a fun and simple way to update and add a little something to my fall tablescape.

simple fall tablescape

As you can see, my simple ideas add just the right amount of neutral to this table. I am able to bring in pops of color with the large pumpkins and the gold accents.


owl fall decor

I created these cute little nameplates by painting with chalkboard paint some clear containers. I found these glittery little woodland creatures at Wal-mart. They are actually for Christmas. I have always felt that gold and woodland creatures fit so well with fall. I loved the playfulness of them. This is an example of another very simple and easy way to dress up a table for you and your guests.

thanksgiving table set up in dining room

My dining room has never looked so formal, I have to say…. I love it! It was really fun to go all out this way. I imagine dinner party guests would feel the same way. My kids really enjoyed the show of it all.

pumpkin table centerpice

fall collage two

I have another easy project for you, I warned you there was a few squeezed in! This one really only needs one step. I purchased a package of fake pine accents from the dollar store.

fake pine treeas

Put them in a circle, and entwine the ends together to keep them secure.

making circle for pine place setting

Place a tiny and adorable fake pumpkin in the center. I took a gamble here with using the pine tree accent. A lot of times this is perceived a strictly Winter and Christmas theme. However, I have always felt that Thanksgiving and Christmas are buddies, I think they have a lot in common and would be fixed up with friends if given the chance. They are both lumped into the holiday season, and are only weeks apart. Combining a few pieces from both works really well.

Although, I willl not be using pumpkins in my Christmas decor, just sayin.

pumpkin place setting

pumpkin on plate for thanskgiving

thanksgiving table runner ideas

Those big and beautifully bright pumpkins in the center are fake. I found them at Wal-mart. I worried they would be too big, but they actually work great as the center piece for this tabelscape. Making the unarguably fall with these bad boys.

owl and fall name placesettings

fall decor

I sprinkled the fake fall leaves around last minute. I needed a little more something to this. And it made the feel of the table a little more whimsical and fun.

fal table ideas

fake pumpkins on table

fall dining room

beautiful fall tablescape

This was my first time really using gold as the main color in decor. I think it is a fresh way to decorate for fall instead of the standard orange and red. But the pop os it with my lighter neutrals makes it feel nice. I purchased these gold plates from The dollar store.

DIY thanksgiving decor

fall table decor ideas

pumpkin with placesetting for fall

thanksigving table ideas

The simple piece in the center of the plate is a fun way t greet guests. I really like the added greenery of the pine leaves.

fall tablescape collage

Who knew glitter could work for fall? I know I did not, but I am loving the fun feel to it!

pumpkins for fall tablescape

leaves on thanksgiving table

tahsnkgiving table ideaas

fall place setting ideas

fall tablescape for create and share

This tablescape is incorporating a few of my favorite things, low cost, simple, and DIY. I managed to make them all look high end and fancy. That my friends is how decorating for the holidays should be. No one has time or money to go all out, and if you do… well then good for you. Most people who want to change out their decor each holiday need lower cost solutions. Thinking about creative ways to make things work is key. I had so much fun creating this! I also know that my blogging friends had fun with their tablescape, and you should go and visit theirs. As usual, they are so talented and I love seeing their ideas!

Here you can go visit everyone else in the Create & Share challenge-


I mean, seriously. They bring the fall inspiration! I love that each person has a different style, so there is something for everyone! Are you all prepared for Thanksgiving? What is one of your traditions? How do you decorate for Thanksgiving? If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, what is a favorite thing about fall for you?
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  1. What a great idea with painting the pumpkins! And love the nameplates you did…so cute 🙂

  2. Beautiful tablescape, Emily. I love the use of pumpkins and all the decorative elements that make fall so special!

  3. Hi, Emily ~ Beautiful table! I really like that tree bark ribbon. It adds so much to your vases. Did you get that at a craft store? Enjoy your special family meals on your special tablescape!

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Thank you Tiffany! I got it I believe at Michaels crafts, they had a few different kinds of ribbons like this. I have used up all of mine and need to get some more.

  4. Hi Emily…..very pretty. The white spray painted pumpkins are adorable. Lovely tablescape.

  5. Such a cute tablescape! I especially like the name plates and the treatment on the vases! Great ideas!

  6. WOW! Absolutely lovely. I particularly like the cork/bark paper you put on those vases.

  7. I love it!! I especially love the little name holders and that tree bark ribbon. Where did you find that? You could use that for so many things! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Great tablescape Emily. It is so your comfy style. I adore the little birds and the white pumpkins!! Pinned and shared

    • EmilyBurmeister says:

      Thank you so much Stephanie, the theme was fun to work with and I have you to thank for that! This challenge is so fun!

  9. So pretty, Emily! I love the little place settings, they really personalize each spot!

  10. this is cute and simple! You have so many ideas squeezed in one post…you are so awesome!

  11. Very lovely and festive table! I love the actual table it is so beautiful!, the little pumpkins add color! The leaves also look very nice placed around the table. Love your look!

  12. Such a warm and inviting table Emily. I love all the little crafts you included. The name card/ containers are perfect!

  13. The nameplates are so cute Emily! I love the tree bark wrap. I’m going to try to find some. Great ideas for a low cost but beautiful table setting!

  14. This is so pretty! I love the tree bark paper around the vases and how you spray painted the mini pumpkins white.! And your new dining room light looks fabulous!

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