Labor day and some Goodwill treasures

Labor day and some Goodwill treasures

For all of you fellow Americans, today is Labor day. Which means most of us are either BBQing it up, or getting things done around the house. We are in the getting things done category. I am not sure if you all know, but we do a lot of home projects around here. I know, shocker. I am working on a bunch of Fall crafts, making some new build items, and cleaning out our basement. We are officially baby toy free in our home! Now I have a empty play room in the basement and way too many ideas to execute. Is it too much to put in a indoor swing, climbing wall, and maybe a skateboard ramp? I think it can be done, all with some wood pallets, twine, and paint. Like all home projects are done. 
This weekend we went to Goodwill. I will be taking part in some amazing challenges with fellow bloggers in the coming months. I needed to find some new things to add to my redo pile. I hit Goodwill gold! Truth be told I went to two in our area. The first one had some nice things, I got some mason jars. Not much else. The second one was me doing a happy dance walking out. I had a cart full of things, and others eyeing my loot in awe. That is when you know it was a good trip. When other shoppers glare at you in a jealous rage because they did not find it all first. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. 

 I spent less then $50 and had to make a choice of kids or stuff to fit in the car. I mean, decisions are hard guys. Don’t worry, I left the kids some water and their car seats. Kidding, KIDDING! We have three rows of seats in our SUV and were able to make it all work. There may have been a child holding a pile of books on their lap, but it all worked in the end. 
I got two of these chairs

I fell in love with the look of the old books and the fun patterns on the spine of the book. I am a big time reader, but honestly these do not interest me for more then a decorating aspect. 
This new chandelier, be still my heart!  

This small stool has the makings of a beautiful and classy furniture piece. I just need to help bring out the glass a little. I am up for the challenge. 
I am beyond giddy with what I found! I am excited because the ideas I have are pretty simple ones with a huge transformation factor. I am also wanting to find some free time STAT so I can get to transforming! 
It was not all home decorating, shopping, and cleaning out. I don’t think our three kids would have appreciated this plan of attack. We had my sister in law and her kids over yesterday for some fun. On Saturday we took our kids to a park that had a skate park in it. Not many people know, but my youngest Gavin is a huge skateboarding fanatic. He has some good skills in his tiny 4 year old body. He is a complete fan girl with Tony Hawk. I mean, I am pretty sure I am raising a future stalker. Or pro-skateboarder. It could go either way right now. He got to go crazy on a skate park and was amped up. He mastered dropping in on small ramps after about 2 tries. Who does that?! So because I am a proud Mom and have the internet I am now going to show off my little man. 
If you were wondering… yes, it does make my heart stop each time he goes on a ramp. I hope that as he does it more often the wrath of Mama Bear coming out becomes a little less. I like my baby in one piece. Can I just have him skate in a costume of bubble wrap?

Now that I have bragged about my budding skater-dude it is time to get back to business. I am eager to share some things with you all. This week I have two big posts coming your way! I will be revealing a major new project. The massive family command center, which has been put to use and is a lifesaver for my over-scheduled family. Then later in the week I will be breaking down and sharing how we built the bench in our organization station.  
I also have a ton of fall decorating to do. Pinterest is overflowing with fall inspiration at the moment, and it is time for me to bring out the fall trimmings. So many changes going on in our home right now. Nora and Caleb have been in school for one week, and Gavin starts preschool this week. I am a mess of emotions. Relief that I get a good chunk of hours to write, work on projects, and maybe go to the bathroom alone; fingers crossed. But, sad because I am pretty obsessed with my kids and like them. They are my favorite people on the planet and miss them the second I get time away from them. However, it is good to get organized into our new routine, find our school year rhythm. 
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How are you enjoying this Labor day? What did you do this weekend? Most importantly, is it too much to put in a skate ramp in our basement playroom? Go big or go home!



  1. I'm a project Labor Day this weekend. Finally getting some things up on our walls after moving in Memorial Day weekend. Can't wait to see your Goodwill projects – I need some inspiration. I always come out of Goodwill empty handed.

    • How fun that you are moving, so much work but so many new possibilities! I always seem to get more work done on the three day weekends. We need to make all weekends be three days. I would be ok with that.

  2. We relaxed today, after going to one and hosting one cookout and football watching parties this weekend. I think you should totally build a ramp in the basement! My youngest was into it for a while (until we bought him a nice board and some ramps of course). Can't wait to see your projects this week!

    • It sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend! I am worried that Gavin will lose interest with it an then I will have a massive ramp in my basement and a kid over it. Although this love affair is still gaining momentum.

  3. Ooh I can't wait to see all of your projects with your Goodwill finds! I agree – those books are gorgeous! All the fall ideas on Pinterest have me making a project to-do list that's way too long 🙂

  4. I love a good goodwill shopping spree! I refuse to pay full price for furniture and goodwill has some great stuff if you have good timing! I can't wait to see what you do with everything!

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