Back from vacation

Back from vacation

This is a big time peek into the  finished organization station.
Also the full of dirty clothes suitcases. I see lot’s of laundry in the near future

Hello all, are you still here? I did not go on another crazy, life changing, deep thinking, quitting blog life bender. Here is that little nugget of contemplation if you missed it.  I have simply just got back from another vacation. This summer we were fortunate enough to have two awesome vacations planned. We went to New Jersey in June and we just got back from San Diego, California. We had two whole weeks of sun, sand, boogie boarding, Disneyland, Legoland, hotel swimming pools, and lots of fun with family and friends. It was ah-mazing!

I mentioned on Facebook that we were on vacation. If you are not following me, you can do so here.  We got back last night from San Diego. I mean literally got home, threw our stuff out of the car, picked up the dogs and have zero food in the house. I have piles of laundry to do. Kids to get back in a somewhat normal schedule again. They have school starting soon (oh yeah, that happens). We are in the post-vacation fog. I want to do nothing but recoup from the vaca’ but I need to jump back into life.

The kids were in bed last night, and I was eager to get back to you all. I missed you! How have you been? How are the kids? Mine have learned that smores are a perfectly good dinner to have while on vacation. Not sure if they will make the connection that vacation Mommy is a very different person from everyday Mommy. They will figure it out soon enough.

This beautiful spot is on my Grandma’s back deck

I was a whirlwind of creativity before we left for vacation number 2. I was creating, picture taking, and planning up until the last second. Then, I got on vacation time and not one article got written. Fun fact, don’t assume that you can get caught up and write two weeks worth of post’s while on vacation. It does not happen. See, I was going to. Then family happened, late nights giggling with them, swimming in the hotel pool, smores for all, fun happened.

The good news is, with my procrastination on getting these projects out to you I have about 3 weeks worth of content locked and loaded. I am ready to bring the pretty to you all. I have some new projects, the big organization station reveal, and some fun things coming from blogging friends of mine. Oh yeah, prepare to be entertained.

This is what happens in Disneyland, you wait in lines and kids sleep in their Daddy’s tired and achy arms. Dad of the year here people!

I am also whirling around in my head a love letter to Disneyland. See, the happiest place on Earth is… well… crowded, hot, and expensive. I expected there to be pure magic, rainbows, and fairy dust to sprinkle on us the whole time. I am pretty sure it was just some person’s sweat raining down on us. Or tears for every parents bank account while making “memories” with their kids. I realize I sound like a major scrooge. We had a wonderful time, I just have a few things on my mind with Disneyland. That will come later, I have to gather my thoughts and decide if I want to take on the wrath that is Disneyland and put it on the interwebs. Eh, freedom of speech. Am I right?!

Anyways… this is just me, saying “hey, how have you been?” and letting you know I am well aware it has been tumble weeds and crickets through here lately. I am back, our vacations are done, and I am eager to let you in on what I was so busy doing. Lot’s to see and share here.

I better get back to “life” now. We are on tantrum overload, our puppy Finn has chewed two shoes. Teddy, our older dog wont let me out of his sight, and the laundry in the dryer should probably get folded. I have forced the cycle twice now because they were not done. OK, I was not ready to fold them yet. It is no fun being all adult. Can I live full time in vacation world? I have to say one thing though, after being gone two weeks; it is nice to be home. I am a home body and I adore my home! Being in my own space, with my own stuff, the way I like it. That is pretty ah-mazing too!

Have you gone on any vacations this summer? What has been your favorite part of summer so far?



  1. We are on our 11th+ shoe that has been destroyed. Husband is the weakest link – the rest of us have at least 2 levels of defense (room door and closet door) to prevent temptation! ha
    Love the pics! Both coasts in one summer- sounds super fun! laura

  2. Lucky! Two vacations in one summer? I'm envious.

  3. awe the look like they had a blast

  4. That sounds amazing! I love California (and get the Jersey shore every year as well). We went to Aruba in June but heading out today for some closer beach time. I liked Disneyland but I think Disney world captures the magic better all around–it still can get hot, crowded and expensive but there's just something more special about it.

  5. Looks like you guys had so much fun (minus the other people's sweat and long lines at Disney, haha!!). No vacations for us this summer, although my husband and I are spending a long weekend visiting his dad in Florida (minus the kids) in Oct. Glad you're back!

    • The long weekend away with no kids sounds wonderful! I have to say that my husband and I have big plans to go away just him and I for our 10 year anniversary, the only problem is that will be 2 years from now :/

  6. Looks like you guys had lots of fun! I need a vacay asap!

  7. We went on a two and half week "vacation" early on. We did have fun, but we have been enjoying every moment back here as well. I can't wait to see all your exciting projects!

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