Share your space #4

Share your space #4

Who is ready to get another peek into someone else’s home? Me!!!!! This is the virtual version of going to open houses just to “look” or driving slow when someone has their curtains open at night. Is that creepy? I do not care about the people, I want to see the wall art or maybe big staircase shining in the window. Except here for the Share your Space series it is not awkward and weird, it is invited!

Today Ruthie from Refashionably Late is sharing her master bedroom with us. You can see all of the details and some great tips and ideas on how to create this space here.

This is Ruthie and her beautiful daughter Lucy
Ruthie redid this beautiful furniture piece. I mean, the pops of gold and bright blue are stunning! This is a showstopper. Full details are here.

I have a major soft spot for anything with bright color’s and fun patterns. This bedroom has both of those, done beautifully. 

That lamp is swoon worthy because of the body of it. I guess I am all about the lamp-lumps. Oh yea, just made that a thing. The shade on that is great too. You do no see too much of the bed, but it appears to have a ton of great details on the headboard. I would be really happy having sweet dreams in this room. 
Thank you so much Ruthie from Refashionably late for sharing your fun and bright bedroom. She is a great blogger and one of my newest blogging friends. Check out her blog for some really good ideas to update your home. If you have a space, project, or home tour that you want to share. Email me at and I will share your space!



  1. Oh wow, that blue and gold dresser looks fantastic! I'd love to make an old piece of furniture into something gorgeous like that one day.

  2. What a great looking room! I love the comforter and pillow design, and the colors. – Trish

  3. This is the most beautiful space I have ever seen! Ruth did a great job. I am so in love with that nightstand!! <3 Thanks for sharing it on The Blog Love Project

  4. The blue dresser is fun! Always good to have some whimsy 🙂

  5. Love that nightstand. Such a fun, bright color!

  6. I love the shelf on the wall, great way to add more design space. Love everything about this, gorgeous!

  7. I am I am I am!!

    Omg Lololol I totally do that to people's houses! I love being snoopy, whenever someone asks me to cat sit.. Beware I give myself a house tour hahah

    Love those lamp lumps!
    My sister and I are on the lamp hunt recently, there's tons of cool lumpy lamps at our local thrift stores.

    The blue is amazing, beautiful tool 🙂

  8. I love how all of this works together… the pretty picture frame, the lamp shade, the bedding, the dresser etc. Love it!

  9. Beautiful space! I love the bright blue dressing. The gold touches are wonderful!

  10. Thank you everyone for the amazing comments! It's a work in progress but I love my bedroom and can't wait to do more projects within it!

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