Ceramic planter redo, kid’s job listing board

Ceramic planter redo, kid’s job listing board

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I have a treat for you all today! Myself and 6 of my blogging friends all decided to work together on something. Each of us purchased a ceramic hanging planter and then got our creative juices flowing to turn it into something new. Yes, me and my friends up-cycled and re-did a perfectly good planter. It is how we roll in DIY and home decor groups. 
If you are visiting me and this blog from one of the other ladies, hi! I hope you stick around, peruse, stalk my blog ad social media, laugh a little, and be inspired. For all of my regulars, I know your order, know how you take your coffee, and this project is another fun one for you to enjoy. Be sure to take some time and peruse the other sites. See the fun and creative way’s they decided to use the ceramic planter. It was fun for me to see how each of us used these in such different ways. Here is what I ended up creating. 

Here is what the ceramic planter looked like when we all got it. 

I was not sure how I wanted to use it. I knew that the other bloggers were going to be doing some amazing things. My kids do not do chores, we tend to have a “ask and you shall receive.” rule with home chores. If I need the garbage emptied, the dog’s fed, etc… I ask one of the kids to do it. However, I would like them to learn about earning money and keeping money. So I came up with a job listing idea. I will write a job I need done around the house, leave money, and one of the kids will choose to do it or not. This is my families classifieds.

I knew I wanted to make this planter pop. We all know I love me some turquoise. I lightly sanded the ceramic planter, just enough to make the smooth surface a little rough. Then I used standards painters tape and put two lines down the front of it. I arranged the stripes to be slightly off center of the front planter. No real reason, I just liked the idea and I am a decorating rebel. People do straight lines, I do off centered straight lines. 
I sprayed the complete planter, making sure to cover all of the surface. I kept the spray paint about 6 inches away from the planter. This will allow the paint to adhere to the surface, but not close enough that the spray paint will run. If you ave the spray paint can too close to the object you are painting the paint will run. No one likes running paint. 

I only had to do one heavy coat of spray paint for this. 

Peel back the tape. 

Once the planter was painted and peeled, it is time to have a wood board be pulled into the mix. This is what the whole job listing “classified” will be anchored to. 

I selected a dark walnut wood stain. 

When that was dry, I taped up the square where I want the chalkboard paint to be. This will allow me to write the actual job’s on this board for my kids to see. 

I use chalkboard paint and a standard paintbrush. Laying it on thick, and keeping the strokes long. If you are not careful with chalk paint it can show the brush strokes. I succeed in getting rid of the brush strokes by going from top to bottom without stopping the brush. Then starting at the top and going down again. This keeps things as neat as possible.  

I did two coats of this, which was enough coverage for the chalkboard. 
I get giddy when I pull the tape off and there is minimal bleeding. That my friends is a win!

I had this nameplate from something else, that I no longer use. I decided to bring this into the mix for this job listing board. 

I spray painted it the same blue as the ceramic planter. 

Put a appropriate sized piece of paper under the nameplate. 

I also had this hook in my home. I had used it elsewhere and this was a leftover one. I used a screwdriver and turned the screws until it was nice and secure. This is how I will attach the planter to the board. 

It look’s so pretty! I was lucky to have all of these supplies just hanging around my house. Yes, I have the equivalent of a home improvement store in my garage and basement. I keep everything from any project. There will always be a use for it. I am a DIY supply hoarder. Is that even a thing? If so I need to join that club, and we could swap supplies. 

I am just loving this gallery wall and have been finding so many new additions to this space. This new job listing board is centrally located, low enough for my kids to see the words, and the money put in the planter. It also is pretty and fits with the pops of color that are on this wall. 

I got to work immediately writing my needs down. My kid’s got to work taking my money. To be fair, they did do the listed jobs before taking the money. But they had their eyes on that prize. To keep things even and peaceful I will most likely list three jobs and $3 in the planter. This will allow everyone to have a chance to earn money. 

Part of the genius thing about this set up is it teaches my kid’s a massive life lesson. There will be a day when one of the kid’s does not want to do the work for the money. But will get upset when they do not have money. They will learn quickly you have to take opportunities, put in the work to get results in life. 
The life lesson also comes in a pretty package. I am loving this idea, and the look of it. This ceramic planter was such a beautifully blank canvas. That could have been intimidating. I just came up with the idea, and knew I needed to add some piz-zazz to this. Make it have a bright life to it, just like our home. Our home and family is bright and loud. The things in our home have to be the same way. 

I think the dark colors of the stain and the chalkboard make the bright colors of the planter pop so much more. Mixing paint and natural wood stains is so rish and stunning. Then mixing light and dark colors makes it all seem like you are looking through high definition. I know that sounds weird, but you decorating peeps will get what I am saying. Don’t make the mistake of bnot purchasing HD movies. The fuzzy and not defined edges will becomes obvious and annoying. Having bright and dark colors mixed gives that HD appearance. 

This challenge was so much fun! I liked getting something and having no preconceived plans for it. I was having to go out of my element, try something new, and make it stand out. I mean, did you see the image above with everyone’s up-cycles? I was right in assuming I needed to bring my A game. These ladies are talented. Remember to go check out their projects as well and show them some love. 
How do your kids help around the house? Do you have a set chore list?



  1. Love it!!!!! So creative and an awesome way to have the kids do some chores. Will have to keep this in mind for when my kids get older.?

  2. So unique!! I love how you added it to a gallery wall, it fits right in and looks great. Love the idea of a little challenge between bloggers, so fun!

  3. Such a great idea!! My little one is too young yet to assign chores but I will more than likely do this in the future! I love how you used the vase!

    • Thank you! I am not a fan of the full on chore chart, but this will allow for my kid's to choose to help, see the idea of doing something, helping, and the idea of earning money.

  4. What a fun idea! I love seeing so many creative takes on the same project.

  5. This is such a fun idea! Love how functional this is.

  6. Very creative idea, it fits right in with your gallery wall. I want some of those nameplates!!

    • It does fit right in! The nameplate came off of a wood box that we have in our kitchen cabinets, a really nice nameplate that I was not using. Now I have a better use for it.

  7. Great idea!! Super creative & fun!

  8. Emily, I love this idea! Hope it keeps the kiddos interested in chores, I think them being able to SEE the money is such a great incentive! What a great way to use this little guy!

  9. This is a really great and interesting idea! I swear if I did something like this with my grandparents it'd be a god send!

  10. Oh I love what you did with it! Such a neat idea. I am definitely going to implement a station like this when mason gets a little older! Love the turquoise.

  11. What a clever idea! I love the colour you have chosen too 🙂

  12. I love this idea. This is perfect for a child to earn their money and the reasoning behind this is great. Thanks for sharing!

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