Question of the day

Question of the day

I am looking to shake things up around here! When I started this blog I wanted to share my home, projects, money saving project ideas, home renovation tips, pictures of my photo bombing dog Teddy. Real home decor and DIY stuff. However, it was also my hope that eventually I would be able to have enough people reading to turn it interactive. That is right, we are going interactive! Tada!

Eek, I am so excited about these changes. When I first started out on this blogging journey, one of the first blogs that blew me away and kept me coming back for more was Young House Love. Aside from my man crush on John (sorry Dale) and my lady crush on Sherry that made me love the blog. It was the interaction that they had with the readers. It was the camaraderie that people had. The community feel on the interwebs. I adored that aspect of their blog, not just their amazing projects, beautiful home, and come to think of it- fellow dog photo bomber they had.

I don’t think anyone will be able to catch the essence and lightning in a bottle magic that was Young House Love. But, to be able to have some of that community feel to my blog would be amazing. I will be explaining a new series here within the next few days. I announced it on my social media. If you are not following me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you should. I put out a call to action on there for another upcoming new feature and series here at Our house now a home.

The first new addition to this will be a Question of the day post. You guessed it, this will be a daily thing. shocking! It will be a way for me to get to know you all, for us to start a conversation, and have some fun. It will consist of either me posting a question. It might be home decor related, parenting, current events, a mathematical equation (not likely), although I might post a really hard common core math problem if I get stuck on my kid’s homework. Look out for that.

The question will be posed by me. For now. Once we get things moving, and have some audience involvement (you) we can shake things up even more. If you have a question you can either post it in the comments or email me at and title it “question of the day” in the subject of the email. The question needs to be family friendly-ish. I mean we are all adults here, but no raunchy talk. It can be home decor related, advice on decorating, opinion on paint colors, how to get your kid to eat their vegetables, anything. I can answer it and then have everyone else weigh in on it.

This can be like a home decor version of Loveline. Remember that? I know I do, I watched it late at night and felt like I was being a rebel. Are you getting into this yet? Have I sold you on the fun we can have? I would love to make this be a discussion where we comment and reply to each other’s comments. Help each other out, and let loose a little. I will also be sharing your name (unless specified as anonymous) when posting your question. If you have a blog you can also leave your blogs homepage as well as either a head shot or your title image within your email which I will share on the post when I ask your question for that day. So there will be some extra’s built in for you blogging friends of mine!

Look for this to start next Monday. If you have a question you can submit it now, I may not feature every question submitted, or even right away. But, most in some form will be asked. This is big for me because I am officially launching something I had been eager to implement for a while on my blog. I think I have enough lovely readers to start this and make it work great. Come Monday, get ready to give your opinion in the comments and get this new portion of my blog rolling. Let’s do this!



  1. This is such a fun idea, I am excited to see what you or others come up with. What is your favorite place to shop for home decorating things. Maybe something that us non diy savvy people can look to get a few pieces like yours. Without all of the tools. I don't have a blog to share, just a reader who likes to live through others with their beautiful homes.

  2. What a fun idea! Can't wait!

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