Question of the day- Monday

Question of the day- Monday

Here is is, the first official question of the day! I got a lot of submissions through e-mail and on Facebook. Thank you everyone that submitted. I have taken all of the questions and will be rolling them out in time. So look out for your’s! For those of you that were snoozing last week, this is a new series I am beginning. Each day I will post a question, either asked by one of you or myself. I will answer it as best I can and then you all get a turn to chime in. The more answers the better! Ok, onto the question…
Randi- who blogs at Poppies and Pinot, you can visit her site here asked: 
                What’s your list of top 5 fixes for a new home? Aka, how would you organize a big to-do list? Flooring first? Curb appeal? Boring but necessary before beauty?

This is a really good question. I think first, when purchasing any home if there is fixes such as roof, foundation, mold, broken or outdated windows… thing’s of the important nature- fix those first. Boring but necessary over beauty initially. Let’s say none of those things need fixing. So it is all cosmetic fixes. Here is how my list would go…

  1. Paint – If you are painting, get that out of the way. This allows for any whoopsie’s and spills to happen on the un-touched old things in the home.
  2. Flooring – If putting in hard wood floor’s you will be taking off the baseboards. So when you are painting you can leave them off the walls, put in the floors. And then re-install the baseboards. 
  3. Window treatments- You have lot’s of options with window treatments. Putting in curtains, valance, blinds (so many blinds options). This can give you some much needed privacy from lookie-loo neighbor’s. But also set the tone for the home’s decor. 
  4. New kitchen and bathroom hardware – This gives the kitchen and bathroom’s a updated feel without having to get new cabinet’s. It is low maintenance and really easy to install. 
  5. Outdoor gardening – You cannot forget the outside of your home when making your new house into a home. Taking stock of the existing flower beds. Seeing what there is growing. A lot of things might need to be cut back. Some plants do not make it through a harsh winter and will need to be pulled out. Take note of the type of foliage in the flower beds. If you are not a gardener and there is a ton of beautiful blooming flowers. Possibly relocating that to friends and family with a greener thumb and putting in no flowering shrubs and plants will be best. These are always less maintenance, but still a great look and feel to a space. Creating a small seating area so you can enjoy the whole of your home (including the outside) after a long day is a big deal. 

That is my list. Of course each home and situation is different. But, starting in a specific order can make it easier when decorating or living in the mess that is re-doing things in the home. I think it is important for any home new, or new to you to be made into a special place for you and your family. Creating the feel and look, putting your unique stamp on it is important. Completely gutting the place is not needed to make a new house feel like your home!

What do you all think? What would your to-do list look like for a new home? If you have a question you want answered, home decor, or anything you can email me at Leave your name as well as your blog url if you have one. 



  1. I would add checking if the furnace, air conditioner, home appliances, things of that nature need replacing or updated. That can cut into a monthly budget drastically if you have old appliances running.

  2. I would add checking if the furnace, air conditioner, home appliances, things of that nature need replacing or updated. That can cut into a monthly budget drastically if you have old appliances running.

  3. This is a good question and a good list you put together. I think painting it the best way to make the home feel new to you.

  4. Painting, to me, is a god send! They pretty much make any color out ther and you can do so many designs with painting. This blog post is very helpful!

    • So true! You can make fun patterns and designs with paint and make the home feel fun and different. Jump start a new look for your new home. I am so happy you found this post helpful.

  5. I agree that making sure the boring stuff is taken care of first is so important. I think it's a good idea to not delay decorating and hanging things on the wall. I think the first instinct is to wait until the base of a room is done before adding the finishing touches, but for some of us that would mean waiting years for the whole house to be ready for artwork, shelves, etc. Plus I like to live in a place for a while before I change anything too much.

    • I agree with you, I like to feel that the home is mine and lived in. Regardless on future plans. I have been known to hang something up even knowing within a month I am going to take it down. I like making it feel homey from the start.

  6. That's a great list! We had to fix our gutters right away, which wasn't fun, but necessary. We then started with paint (we had one room that was painted black!!) and then updating the bathrooms. I think it is important to also prioritize your list by what will add value to the home.

    • That is a good point to make about the adding of value. Also, no fun that you had to fix the gutters. Sometimes those things come up and that always takes priority.

  7. Painting sounds like a great idea but to be honest we have the bad habit of just moving in and never changing anything! Luckily we've never been faced with anything really objectionable and a lot of it I have really liked, but it's not what I would have picked.

    • There are a lot of people who never paint their homes. I have many friends and family that do that. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Sometimes the colors work, things have been updated. A house is perfect for you when you decide it is.

  8. Lookie-loo neighbors!!! Hahahaha that made me seriously laugh out loud. But I hear you on that. I put in shaker blinds, and that was one of the best things I did. Clean look, super easy to maintain. I definitely agree on the hardware. My kitchen cabinets came without them, and I'm thinking about adding some, just to freshen up the look

    • Don't we all have some pesky neighbors? I know I am the lookie-loo if the blinds are open and it is night. I want to see the house and decor. Hardware for the kitchen cabinets is such a simple and easy way to update a kitchen or bathroom. No fuss with huge results!

  9. Good list. I'm about to start some home improvements, and new paint is number one on my list!

  10. These are all great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Such a great list! We just moved into our new house and painting was first on our list! Then we went out of town for a week and a half… so now the painting is half finished! Haha! Got to finish it!

  12. Great tips, thanks! We're looking to sell next year, so we've been wondering about painting and window upgrades

  13. Oh man! We've done this twice and just bought another house. I agree — you gotta take care of the boring stuff first. All the stuff that you need to do to preserve the structure of your your house (e.g., roof, termites, etc.). Next, I would do the boring stuff that adds value to your home (AC, heating). Then it's on to the fun stuff. And the order depends on what all you are going to be doing. We made the mistake of replacing carpet right away because it was OLD. Then we gutted our kitchen and master bath which caused a lot of dust/debris tracking on the carpet. We had to do it that way just because the carpet was so old but if I had a choice, I'd leave flooring for last. Landscaping was one of the last things we did, and that was difficult for me. We finished landscaping just in time to rent the house out and move out of the country. I would have preferred to install landscaping earlier so I could nurture the young plants until they were established.

    • It sounds like you did a ton of stuff, great job! That is a good point about the carpet going in. If there is major work being done in the home, flooring can get damaged during that process. So sorry you did not get to enjoy your landscaping longer. What a adventure to be moving to a different country!

  14. We moved almost 3 years ago and Im still working on my list of things I want to do. I dont think it will ever end, besides… where is the fun in a 100% completed home?? 🙂

  15. We just put an offer on a home yesterday. It has been gutted an totally redone, so other than decorating and moving I'm not expecting to do anything. However, I just looked at the family and said, "Blinds. Were there any blinds?"

    Now I have something else to think about and work on.

  16. Hi, Emily ~ I love this list! I would put paint first on my list, too, because it makes such a huge difference in a home for a small bite out of your budget. Nothing like a little instant gratification to get you motivated to keep tackling those to-do's!

    • It is nice to see the transformation right away. I know with us, once I painted the kitchen (the first room to be painted in our house) I was hooked on making them all look and feel fresh. It turned me into a home decorating and redoing addict! Here I am 4 years later encouraging others 😉

  17. Great list, Emily! I love painting. We were staying in a house with paneling and painting it gave the rooms so much life.

  18. Sometimes all you need to do is paint and your space feels completely new! Or add new hardware to you kitchen doors, new pillows to a couch… There are a million things you can do to freshen up a space and your list look amazing!

  19. Paint is amazing stuff. It can make such a difference. I agree with the gardening too. Curb appeal seems to have a huge impact on property value.

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