Weekend DIY warrior recap

Weekend DIY warrior recap

A little change up is happening here at Our house now a home, I know again. I am still having some growing pains. Some big growing pains are going on behind the scenes. This will be getting a big face lift. Not yet, but soon-ish. Anyways, I have been sharing my big DIY, craft, home decor project for the week on Monday’s. Welp, things are shifting. I will be giving tips and peeks into the project, and recapping our weekend instead. So on Monday’s it will now be DIY warrior weekend recap. The project sharing post will be on Wednesday. It works better with my schedule, and it seems to be when you are all really engaged. You know, at work ;).

This weekend we were busy, just not in our usual home decorating, wielding a hammer and spray paint kind of way. We spent almost all of Saturday in a car dealership. Dale’s car is on the outs. He has a 2002 car that is begging to be put down. We are going to be handing it over for someone else to deal with. We spent all day Saturday with three kids, two grouchy adults and a pushy car salesmen. We found his car! But, the dealership gave us a run around on financing. We called up our trusty bank, they cut the interest rate over half what the dealership wanted to give us. You read that right, OVER HALF! We know our credit score, it is not in the double digits interest rate territory, “Homie don’t play dat” So, with it being Saturday it was not enough time to get it all squared away with the bank and the dealership. We are getting his new car today. The kids were bummed that the new car was not coming home with us. When I say “kids” I mean “Me”.


We had to rush home because we were having Dale’s sister, Husband and her two kids over. We had a Big Hero 6 movie showing. We also moved the bench from the study and had stadium seating. This is the DIY home theater.


Finally Sunday was our day to rest. The kids broke out the gazillions (yes, that is the exact number) of Lego instruction books. They got inspired. I got inspired sitting around in my PJ’s perusing Instagram for a while. That thing is addicting. Are you on it? Follow me, so I know who you are and I can stalk you! Just kidding, I will heart your images and respectfully follow you.


Of course this would not be a weekend without some DIY happenings. The laundry room….. this thing. I am giddy with the plans, frustrated with the progress, but hopeful it will be done before I don’t even have my trio of littles who need specific organizing methods. They will get there right? Where they handle their ‘biz, on their own? Yes? For now I am in need of labels, designated spots for “stuff”, reminders, calendars, I need it all! So my kids can start putting things away. Knowing where it all goes, and I am not struck with a heap of stuff when they come home.
This is in the laundry room, notice the tile?  We are calling this the “organization station” it will be the homework, back pack, library book, notes to school hub. My type A personality is coming out strong with these plans. Oh yes, it will be awesome! It looks like nothing special, but my heart becomes all a-flutter just thinking about this. The labels, nameplates, paper organizers, eek!


We chipped away our to do list a little. Enough for the kids to try and break our hard work. What goes up, must come down….? With kid’s that seems to be how it goes. Really, this is us making sure it can hold all three kids. Yes, Dale and I could have stood on it. But, kids are resilient, less distance to fall, and someone had to take the picture. You guys understand.
*No minor children were harmed in the making of this picture. 


Oh yeah, and we are working on this. I am not going to give away too much, because truthfully I don’t know if it will work. It is a, sort of thought out idea of mine. I have been working on it for weeks. Trying things out, walking away from it, not making eye contact with it; avoidance tactics. I think I made some progress in this. For better or for worse I will share it, eventually. I am real here, and sometimes I have a miss. This just may be one of them. Or my crowning glory, it could go both ways right now.
This was our weekend, care dealership, movie night, Lego messes, and a little DIY action. My go to IT man (AKA Dale) is working on the top secret, need a software architect to get it done, face lift tech project. I wonder what it could be? Today we get to go pick up our new car. I mean Dale’s new car. Truth be told, this has been my dream car since I was a teenager. Always saying one day….. Dale can drive the Van to work, right? I will be finding every excuse in the book to drive his car. Help me think of some! If you took anything away from this weekend recap, check around for interest rates on cars!!!!! What our bank is giving us on a car loan is the difference of HUNDRED’S of dollars a month. Those sneaky car dealerships. I shop around, buy used, and never break the bank with ALL things in life. Class dismissed, my work here is done!
What did you do over the weekend? Any dealership horror stories you want to share with the class?



  1. Haha – "Avoidance tactics" – that's how I craft, too! My husband says funny things like, "Um, how long are you planning to dodge this project on the kitchen counter? I just need to know so I can plan…" I think it's a completely acceptable crafting approach!

    • Glad to know I am not the only one who leaves random projects half done around the house. Avoidance crafters unite! I am getting this done, finally. Still not sure how it will be. You live and learn :/

  2. I'm sure the laundry room will come out great when it's all done. Enjoy your new car. Go you for getting a better financing rate with your bank.

    • Thank you Theresa! We felt pretty proud of ourselves that we did not just take the higher rate. Being all "adult" like. I am so eager for the laundry room to get done!

  3. My first time visiting. I am also addicted to Instagram. I'll be your follower :). I went shopping this weekend and spent too much money!!

  4. I love the locker/storage center!! I definitely want one. Can't wait to see how it all ends

  5. Oh man, a day at the car dealership is the WORST… and I've never had to do it with any kids in tow! Sometimes those weekends where you get a lot done with home improvement projects are the best weekends. Plus it's always good family bonding time. 🙂

  6. Looks like you had a busy (but awesome!) weekend!

  7. I hate car shopping. I get overwhelmed and want to run away. The sales people are always hovering and pushing…ugh

    • I am the same way. We knew we were getting a car, have good credit but I still felt like we were going to be kicked out or something. Throw in kids, being bored, and waiting around. Even with the playroom it was a long day, ugh!

  8. Wow, what a weekend! Weekend Warrior!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Congrats on the new car! I hate legos because there are always a million of them.

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