Teddy, the 6th member in our family

Teddy, the 6th member in our family

The story of Teddy, I feel needs to be told. He is the 6th member in this family, has made many appearances on this blog. But never formally introduced. He is a 3 year old Havanese who is my shadow. Always under my feet. If I am not available for cuddles his next choice is Nora. I guess he likes the ladies. Today I am going to tell you the tale of Teddy Bear Burmeister. That is his name when he is in trouble, the kids decided he needed one. We only use it as a term of endearment because this guy is never in trouble. It was not a seamless transition into our family. Here let me take you back…

The first day we got him.
The year was 2012, we had just rung in the new year. Nora was almost 4, Caleb was 2 and Gavin was 9 months old. We wanted a dog for our kids to grow up with. Because we have a crew of littles we wanted a puppy. Shelter dogs made us nervous because of the possible history. We know a few people with shelter dogs that nipped with our small kids. So we decided to go through a dog breeder. After doing lots of research we landed on the breed Havanese. A tiny little fluff ball, smart, intelligent, kind, great with small kids, and adorable. We searched for breeds and cried at the prices. $1,000 for a puppy. Ummm, what now. This is not something a DIYer can fix. So I searched the internet, breeder sites. I found him, Our Teddy. He was on clearance for $100. Yes, a lot less cheaper. He was so low cost because he has a snaggle tooth. He is not show dog worthy. The breeder only breeds show dogs, so we set up a pick up of a snaggle tooth dog. That snaggle tooth was destiny. Making it possible for us to get him.


He wanted to be held by me the whole first week.
We picked him up from the breeder, who drove him up here from lower Illinois. Meeting at the Illinois border. We were eager to see this guy. I will say I knew he fit in after the fiasco that was picking him up. See my kids have all made a dramatic entrance into our family. Nora was a medically needed C-section, Caleb came 7 weeks premature, and Gavin came by having my water break at 2 am two days before my scheduled C-section. Teddy is no different, there was drama. He was in a crate that had a zip tie on it for safe travel while driving, Dale wanted to be helpful. So he whips out his pocket knife and proceeds to stab himself in the knee. Really bad, blood everywhere. He insists it is fine, we get home and I see right away Dale has to go to the emergency room. He was gone for 5 hours getting stitched up. I was home alone with a scared new 12 week old puppy and three kids who were really eager to kiss and love him. Too eager.


 Just one of the boy’s.

Once the rush of everything calmed down, Teddy attached himself to me. I assumed the stalker like love would end once he got comfortable. Nope. I have a Teddy shadow everywhere I go. I hear his little feet clicking on the floor as I walk, he sits outside of the bathroom waiting for me. I broke two toes because when he was first following me around he did it right under my feet. One time I turned around too quickly and almost fell on him. In my haste to not flatten Teddy I jumped and slammed my toes into a wall. If Dale pretend to tickle me Teddy becomes all crazy dog and barks like crazy. Not normally a barker, but he will bring it out when needed. Like for my protection from tickle people.

Waiting for Dale to come home from work, he can see the driveway from our bed.

This was my first run in with a dog in my home. Dale and his family have always had dogs, but Dale’s parent’s had two older dogs by the time I cam along. Those were the only experience with dogs I had. Old dogs that are potty trained, and don’t chew on any toy laying around, (Teddy did). I had no idea having a puppy was like having a new baby. Everyone told me this after we had Teddy. I was at home with three small kids, one still under 1 year old. And a puppy that was not house trained. It was a rough few months for all involved. I wondered what we did. Blamed Dale for not preparing me for the work that is a puppy. We trained him to do his business in one corner of the yard. This way my kids and I who are allergic to shoes outside (it is a condition guys) can do so without doggy gifts on our feet. But, that meant us taking him out on a leash anytime he needed to go. In the middle of January winter, in Wisconsin. It was rough.  But, somehow, someway we got through it.

This is when we call him Theodore Burmeister, so fancy with his sweater and hair cut.


Snapped a picture of Teddy and I real quick. I am always the one taking pictures.

He has made himself the sixth member in this family. He is kind, loyal, sweet, silly, so intelligent, very well mannered, and plays favorites. In order of his love it is Me, Nora, Gavin and Caleb. Notice Dale is not in the mix, Teddy respects Dale, he is his playmate, the alpha dog to Teddy. It is a deep, different kind of love. Caleb, well they both put up with each other. The first month Teddy was here he peed on Caleb’s bed 3 times. Only Caleb’s. I think that is where the sibling rivalry set in. That is truly what it is with those two, they get annoyed with each other, leave the other alone, but come between them and watch it. Like siblings they have each other’s backs and deep down do like each other. My sweet Caleb with his big heart is not the biggest animal lover. He is more of a people person, literally.

He is meeting the other furball family member Rosie

I was not prepared for the feelings I would have for this sweet fluffy dog. I knew I would like him, he was so cute how could you not. But, my heart melts when he makes a face. If he is doing something cute I giggle at him and try to capture the moment with my camera, just like I do with my kids. I talk to him, and wish with all my being he could talk back. He makes these faces, where I can only imagine what he is thinking. Turning his head to the side in a “what are you doing” face is my favorite.

Teddy in action, he is always down for anything


Even Teddy has a bad hair day.


If the kids are running around in the back yard that is the one time he will leave me. He runs around, barks, pulls their shirts, sits in the sand box with them, explores the back yard. He is right there with them. One time Nora went outside our fence to get a ball, and Teddy lost his mind, barking up a storm. He is our tiny protector. Not sure what he could actually do, but he will bark the danger away.

I just took this today, I was taking pictures of the kids playing with their train set. He plopped his fluffy butt down right in front of me and just stared. I guess he needed some love.

If we tell him to stay he will sit almost anywhere, he is a better listener then my kids. He likes to get in the middle of the fun, will not be left out.


The many faces of Teddy

Another thing I was not prepared for was the love with him and my kids. He is right there, eagerly taking it all in. They talk quietly and sweetly to him. They read him books, they have conversations with him about the movie they are watching. He stares, licks their hands, and sets his paw on their leg. He even will turn back and stare at the TV after they are done talking. As if he really is following along. The relationship he has with them is so sweet.

These two, Gavin adores that they are the same age. He says it is his twin.


Caleb will talk to him when he thinks no one else is looking, They are improving their love and making it grow. Notice his snaggle tooth. The $900 off snaggle tooth. I love that little snarl of his.


I mean, these two speak their own language. They just get each other.


More cuteness

I am not sure what kind of impact other dogs have in their household, this is my first go around with one. But, he is truly a part of this family. Looking at these pictures I realize we are his world. There were a ton of pictures of Dale, me and the kids out doing other things. I was sifting through all of them to find one’s of Teddy. I realized we are out in the world and he is home waiting for us. We are his world. It made me realize just how much we mean to him. I know how much he means to us, the love is very much mutual.




Love, pure and simple
When we get home he eagerly greets each of us. If I come home after dropping off my youngest at preschool Teddy whines and sniffs the garage door. Waiting for the rest to show up. When I am doing laundry he sits patiently outside of the laundry room, in the hallway. He knows I move around a lot while folding and hanging. We have a rhythm. When Dale comes home, Teddy knows when it is. About 15 minutes before he is due to arrive Teddy starts running between our bedroom window and the front door. He is very impatiently waiting for his arrival.
This dog has it pretty good.

He has been through home renovations, furniture redo’s and other DIY stuff. He is always there, I am sure wanting to lend a hand  (paw) if he could. He also always tries out any new pillows. Apparently he is allergic to laying on the floor. He will cozy up on any surface, including socks if it means not laying on the floor. He has his standards.

Sometimes he gets cold, so the kids wrap him up like a baby. He drags this blanket around in his teeth when it is cold. He always wants us to cover him up with it.

In the future we plan to add one more dog to our family. I am thinking once Gavin is in Kindergarten, so a little over 1 year. We will be going with a shelter dog, our kids are older. They can handle a bigger and older dog. Teddy will adore the furry companion. I wonder how that will go. I feel like we got the luck of the draw with Teddy. He is so well mannered, sweet, the dream dog. If the kids drop food he does not go to it until we say it is ok. We have people over and he is nice to all of them, will leave the ones alone who are not big fans of dogs. How do you get lucky twice with furry friends?

He puts up with this crazy crew, I am sure internally rolling his eyes along the way. But, sometimes we get him to let loose too. Run around, dance, play hide and seek. Which he is horrible at. I can never win because he follows me and barks my location by sitting or standing right where I am. He is good in finding others. He sits on the couch until we say lets go. You tell him to find someone and he will lead you right to them. He needs to get in on the fun too.


I never knew one tiny 12 pound dog could fill up our family. Make it feel whole and complete. Make my day happier, warm my heart with the things he does. I never knew I would be one of those crazy dog people. The ones who treat their dog’s like their baby. I mean I don’t go crazy with a dog purse carrier or anything. But, the amount of pictures and videos I have of him is able to rival the one’s of my trio of littles. Just as my kid’s are the house to this home, so is he. He is the 6th member to this family, the furrever baby (get it). It unexpectedly happened and made me a lifetime dog lover. Really a Teddy lover, but if this one is this awesome. I am hooked on dogs, give them all to me!

And they all lived happily ever after
Dear Teddy Bear Burmeister our house would not be a home without you!
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  1. What an adorable addition to your family! This post was cuteness overload!

  2. What a cute post! Seems like Teddy found the perfect family! I would love to have a dog, alas our landlord is firm on the no-furry-family rule 🙁 Maybe someday. Until then, I'll happily content myself with pictures of other people's cute pets!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

    • We adore Teddy! I grew up in apartments and rentals where there was a no pet rule too. I was always "eh" with dogs. Until this guy came into our life. Thank you for stopping in and hosting the great link party!

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