Elsa has lost her mind!

Elsa has lost her mind!

We are deep in Disney’s Frozen and Elsa inspired everything right now. Nora’s birthday party is this weekend and it is Frozen themed. So anytime it is cold we blame it on her. And she has lost her mind this year. The past few days it has been a warm 30 degrees here. I am not joking, this is warm compared to what we have had the rest of the winter, really since Halloween. It has been cold, freezing, dangerously cold. My kids have had school canceled twice because the wind chill is -35. Before I moved here I did not even know those temperatures existed. I do now!

You would think because of this cold I have a lot to show for it with lots of DIY projects and inspiration. Well, cabin fever has set in. My kids are literally out for blood with each other, I am ready to start auctioning them off, and I think Dale is taking the long way home just to be out of the house longer.



I am feeling a little winter fog coming on with me. Maybe it is because of my shoulder injury, or the fact that right now we are in birthday planning mode. But, I don’t have a lot of pretty to share with you all. My DIY warrior has become a whisper of its fierce former self. Right now we are in planning stages, organizing, and creating anything Elsa-centric. Other then that it is quiet on the home front.


Sometimes we go for really cold walks, but most of the time we stay in when we can. Cuddled up under some blankets. Or get our sillies out by having relay races, hide and seek or other indoor shenanigans. It is a long winter, and with my shoulder injury it feels even longer. I do get to go to a orthopedic surgeon on Thursday to discuss either surgery or physical therapy. My will and stubborn streak alone is not healing this. I wish I could take advantage of this cold weather and get some stuff done around the house. We are working on the laundry room, but with one man down it is slow going.

Sometimes the only thing left to do is let Mother nature do what she has to do, hunker down, enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland out of my window, and ride it out. Sometimes life has to do what it has to do and you handle it the same way. Birthday’s still happen, the cold does not care if you are done with it, injuries don’t care if you have a fever for DIY and the only cure is more DIY. Or *cowbell (please tell me someone got the reference). Cabin fever has set in and all I want to do is be lazy and miserable. But I have a almost 7 year old who is looking to have THE party of the year. Time to get crafty, one handed as of right now, and get things done.

How are you handling winter as of right now? Are you happy with it, or so over the cold? And if in warm weather, I am both envious of you and kind of disbelieving those places exist. Screw you warm temperatures and beach bunnies.



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  1. More cowbell is the cure for everything! Or maybe not, but I did get the reference! As someone who lives in the coastal southeast US, I look at your photos and think how beautiful it all looks. I also know that I would be crazy if I lived in that. I lived for a year near Albany, NY years ago-that was enough time for me to know, it's not all about the pretty. Good luck with your shoulder and with your Frozen party planning. I'll refrain from mentioning today's temperature in Charleston.

    • I am so happy someone got the reference. I had to go and find the clip, to get a good laugh. The snow is beautiful, but it is hard to remember that when living in it. And yes, don't shove it in my face what the temperature is where you are. Just enjoy it!

  2. Hey there! I know what you mean! I'm right there with ya'! We're always trying to get outside…but sometimes…brrr…it's just too cold. I just keep reminding myself of how bitterly cold last winter was and then these 30 degree days almost feel tropical!!! LOL! Stay warm. 🙂

    • Hi! This is true about last year, you must be in the upper Midwest somewhere. I will take this over last winter for sure. If we could coast through the rest of winter with 30's I will be one happy lady. I fear it will get worse before it gets better :/

  3. You always bring fabulous posts to our party! Thank you. Pinned and tweeted. We feel honored that you take the time to stop by our party. I hope to see you on tonight at 7 pm. We love to party with you! Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  4. It's been pretty cold here in PA but last year was so much worse for us. We keep talking about the 6 month freeze we had last year which makes this year more tolerable. Thanks for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty this week. We hope you will link up again next Friday.

    • I agree, nothing beats last year. I think every year the winter feels longer to me. Or I am getting older and more of a grouch. Thank you for hosting, and I will be back to link up.

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