What I was up to, November in review

What I was up to, November in review

This month flew by. With Thanksgiving so close to the end of the month, I knew December was coming. I was just not prepared for it to be here already. In November I shared more fall decor, going against the inter webs a little and sticking to my fall theme through the fall season. I did not budge. Go me! I had lots of projects that I shared here, and at other sites. I have been on creative over load. Well, overload is not the right word. I am on a creative bender. I am happily crafting and creating away. I have so many ideas, and not enough time. This past month was no different.

I love this small and simple project. I used a Melissa and Doug wood toy container, added some twine and painted a leaf to press into this. There was some discussion in Our home on if it looked like a tree, a leaf or a psychiatric ink blot. I think it resembles a fall tree. It works for fall, and I enjoyed getting my hands dirty with paint.

I did another simple project, this one in my dollar store challenge series. I purchased some pumpkins and used them in various spots in my home. In this basket on my coffee table. I put some in a glass table lamp base. I think in home decor it is important to think out of the box, but also realize simple things like this can add color, holiday cheer, and be just what a space needs. Complicated is not always best or needed.

This was Dale’s first project all on his own. I had no input in this, other than writing the post. He said he did the manual labor, but I had to explain it. I loved how it turned out, a little spin on the standard pumpkin project for fall. I should let him lead more, he came up with a great and fresh idea.
He did good!

I had to share my whole home fall tour. I had the Halloween fall tour in October and I switched things up in November. I took the spooky out and added some natural, calm, and fresh pieces to my home. I think each season in each year has a different feel. This year there was so much chaos with my blog, writing for other sites, projects to get done, kids, homework, school, activity’s, all of the holiday hoopla. I guess I was seeking a calm and relaxing home. I went with natural, cream, and browns. With small pops of color. It worked and I am loving this look. Who knows what next year will be….

This was a two part project, with one side used for Halloween and this side strictly for the fall/November portion of the season. I had seen string art on various web sites and in stores. I wanted to do a big picture, so I drew a leaf and then used tacks to create this string art. I like how it turned out, with enough drama, and texture. It also went right along with my nature and soft colors this season.

I usually reserve this month in review for things I shared on this blog. I am breaking my rules, hey I am the boss of this. I can do anything I want. I created this barn door for my home and shared it at Homedit. I am a staff writer and DIY contributor there. I am fortunate enough to write for them about things I create in my home. This was on my list of dream projects, and I got to do it. I have a horrible layout with the hallway, lots of doors, the laundry room, and the entrance to the garage. All in one small spot. So this barn door makes it less awkward, more functional, and a whole lot prettier. There was a lot of steps, but all somewhat simple and easy. I am so in love with this door and had to share it again.

November was a month of transitions, changing from Halloween to fall decor. Getting ready for Christmas. I had a lot of projects going on in preparation for December. I like the way fall morphed into its own time period in my home. December is here and I will be sharing about two projects a week up until Christmas. I have lots of great, low cost, and hopefully inspiring projects coming your way.



  1. Lots of great projects, that barn door is amazing. So is the string art leaf. You say simple, I say complicated.

    • You are so kind. There is a lot of steps to some of them, but I tried to break them down. If you want to try something, just start small. Focus on one step at a time, and soon it will be done. Looking at the bigger picture can be overwhelming with projects sometime.

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