growing out of traditions

growing out of traditions


We have had a tradition in Our home since Nora was 3. We kept asking her what she wanted for Christmas. Nora said every time “I want to be Santa”. Not meet, not get presents, she wanted to BE Santa. So we did what any loving parents would do, we made her Santa. We got her a little Santa costume. She wore it everywhere that holiday season. When we went to see Santa, she wore it. To the grocery store, to sleep, anywhere. It is a size 3T one, so it is limited enjoyment. Nora, being the small girl she has always been was able to wear it two years in a row. The boys have each gotten one year out of it.

With the end of 2014 and this year Christmas it is also the end of this being Santa time in my home. My kids are no longer small enough to fit in it. My Littlest Little Gavin has been wearing it. We will be hanging it up after this. I don’t know why but this is making me sad. An era is over for our family. They wont be wearing this little Santa costume. I know my kids are growing up, but this is a kick in the butt reminder of it. I will be putting this away, and bringing it out for my future grandchildren. You can pretty much guarantee that the pictures of my once small children will be brought out as well to show all the tradition. I hope behind the embarrassment, shame, or rolling of eyes my kids have a small smile. Remembering a time when they each got to be Santa.

Hey there is always Santa hats, those fit adults!
Any Christmas traditions in your family that the kids outgrow?




  1. That is the sweetest story. Kids grow up so dang fast. I feel blessed every day to be a parent and I treasure my memories of when the kids were so small. My boys are 12….they didn't even make a list for Santa this year. Well, I enjoyed your post and Happy New Year!

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