Ceiling hanging Christmas wreath

Ceiling hanging Christmas wreath

This Ceiling hanging Christmas wreath is such a fun and simple project, I adore the results!
How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Ours was wonderful, fun, lots of food, laughs and dessert. Lots of dessert. I had the standard question of relatives asking what I am working on. When I mentioned what I was making (it is a secret that will be revealed soon) I got some blank stares. I then said I would be making it with duct tape, dental floss, and sticks. I mean, I perform that kind of awesome all the time. Well, not quite the dental floss. Never found a use for that, yet. Today’s project, another Christmas one was created with a little this and a little that. And something beautiful came out of it.
Can I just say I am really excited to share this project. I had this idea, ok call it what it is…. a dream. I dream in home decor. Don’t we all? I was planning some great projects for Our home and this idea kept nagging at me. We have this huge living room with a large vaulted ceiling. It has no ceiling light, which is something I hope to fix eventually with a great DIY hanging ceiling light. But, until then I have this big space, and it was screaming at me to do something with it. Take advantage of the really expansive and high ceilings with Christmas decorations.
I have had these three circle shaped metal things that came from a wooden barrel that I had planned to use for our water fountain redo. I say had planned because in the middle of redoing the fountain this barrel fell apart. Dale wanted to throw away these metal circles, I went all crafty crazy lady on him exclaiming that we have to keep them. I will use them, I never knew how. Until now! It will make the perfect base of the hanging wreath for my high and lonely ceiling.
Here is my supplies. This metal circle, some greenery, and a garland of pine cones, berries, and sticks. For some reason I had been nervous on this project, I felt like this was a big project. Until I laid out the supplies and realized this is a simple project that will just give big results. The best kind of DIY for sure.
First step, wrap the green garland around the metal circle. I used the garland branches itself as my way of securing it, they are made of little wires that were able to be wrapped around tight.

The next step was supposed to be simple also. Use the pine cone garland and entwine it within the green garland. Making this project done super fast. But I was not so lucky. The garland did not reach all the way around the metal circle. It was time to break out my mad skills and figure out a plan B. The plan B I did not know I needed. I got there though, like I said…. mad skills.

The pine cone garland really just consisted of a long string of twine with various things wrapped around it. So I unwrapped the “various things”. One by one Dale and I spun, unwrung, pulled, looped, cursed, I think I got some glares from Dale. But we got every single piece of “stuff” off of the twine.  It did take us about 30 minutes to do, but still not that difficult. It would have saved me time in the long run had I just purchased these things independently. Hey, I got a free string of twine from this. So there is always an upside!


I set the objects around the perimeter of the metal frame. Making sure they spread out evenly. I wanted them to be evenly mismatched, like nature. A completely natural wreath of greenery and pine cones in a living room. Just like nature. It does not matter if it is real nature. It is Christmas, magic is everywhere! I tied the objects onto the greenery by wrapping them with the same wires already attached and wrapped them around the wires of the green garland. Easy stuff.

I also wrapped the hardware needed to hook this into the ceiling with twine. I know, I am a little twine crazy at the moment. It has a way to make it rustic yet finished at the same time.

The hook will be what the ropes will be hung on. The C shaped hanger will be attached to the wall as the anchor for the whole thing. Then the hook looped onto this.
Dale held a long string up on the ceiling so we could see where this should be. I wanted to center it over the coffee table. This will be hanging some what low, so to have it over a table where people will not be walking under it is important. Also because visually speaking, having it hang center of the fireplace and coffee table was a big deal to me.
Screw in this C hook into the wall.
Hang the hook in the center of the C anchor.

Here is the somewhat tricky part. It is only tricky because I do not have a evenly vaulted ceiling. It does not have a center vault. So this is hanging at an angle. One side of ropes will be longer then the other so that the wreath is straight.  I looped the rope through the hanging hook. Then sliding the rope around and under the wreath. Bringing it under and over the bottom. I used a wire cable clamp to clamp the ends of the rope over the wreath.

Here is how it looked once pulled under the wreath and then clamped shut with the cable clamp.


Once one side was clamped off Dale held the other end up as we looped it under and over the wreath. So one piece of rope held up two sides of wreath. He was able to adjust the height by loosening or tightening the ropes when needed. I stood back and gave him really descriptive terms like “A little more, too much. The left is low, no the other left.” I saved this project, really.
Dale is looping and loosening the ropes.
Here is a view of how the loop is all done and secure.

And that is it! I know, even with my slight snafu of the pine cone garland not being long enough it was still a ridiculously simple project. And cheap. Did I mention how much I spent? No? Well then, I spent $45 total on supplies and hardware.



Don’t have a random metal circle laying around your house? A simple wreath can work for this really well too. I just used what I had. I happen to have three random metal circles from a old barrel laying around. I am THAT house. I have already used one of the other circles for another project, which will be featured in my dollar store challenge for this month. I have one left, and I never knew what I would do with any of them initially.


Never question a legit DIYer, even if I don’t have a “reason” to save something. I will find a reason, it will save me money, and it will be awesome. I am pretty sure that is the definition of DIY. Take something random, unusable, and make it usable and awesome.

I am loving how it works with the rest of my Christmas decor!
This is the coolest thing I have done for Christmas decor so far. I feel like it is thinking outside of the box, I am sure I am not the first person to do this. But, I have not stumbled across it yet. Something fresh in home decor is hard to do. Dale said he liked it, but when people come over they will think it is weird. I guess I am far too deep in home decor to see anything other then a great Christmas decoration on the ceiling. ON THE CEILING! We are moving up here at Our house now a home, literally.




  1. This is such a lovely idea! What a pretty, rustic touch it brings to your holiday decor 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing on The Makers!

    Amy | Club Narwhal

  2. I like the rustic feel with it. The ropes are a great idea, this is so creative. I need bigger ceilings and than I can do it!

  3. Oh yeah, this is so much better than a regular wreathe! I love it! Glad you linked it up with us at the Makers! I'll be sharing this gem on FB. 😉

  4. What a fun new decoration. I really like hanging things from slanted ceilings. I think the lines or the slant with something hanging straight down is really pretty.
    I might want to add some mistletoe, just because too 🙂
    Thanks for sharing at the Retro Re-Pin Party. This has been pinned to our board.

  5. This is so pretty and really does add to the space!

  6. WOW! I love this project. It adds such a great accent to the room plus of course its pretty and cute at the same time.

  7. Super cute! Pinned and tweeted. Lou Lou Girls

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