sometimes you need a little updating

sometimes you need a little updating

what was hanging here before Nora had an idea.
Monday is here, again. I feel like it was just Monday. No? We have had a brutal few days here at Our home. My two boys have been sick, Caleb so bad we have had to give him albuterol breathing treatments to stop his wheezing. Scary stuff. He is on the mend, both boys are now just suffering from runny nose and a sever case of being used to getting their way-itis. After a week of sick boys I think I have been doing a little babying. It is time to kick them back into shape.
Nora showing off our quick bedroom update

Here is a little peek of what I will be sharing on Wednesday. I will have a reveal and full tutorial of our bathroom tile. All the nitty gritty, grout of it!


With all of this sickness, urgent care visiting, school running, kid crying, Mommy worrying week and weekend my usual plans for this here blog went out the window. I am still going to share my project. Just not on Monday. My brain cannot form the word correctly enough to make the tutorial on bathroom tiles make sense to anyone. And since that is the whole point on tutorials I think I need to take some more time.
Today I am just sharing a little fun something Nora and I did together. I was sitting with her in her bed. Normal girl talk stuff was happening, trying to get in some Mommy and daughter time after all of the sick brother time. And she mentioned she has had the bug pictures in her room since she was little. True. I drew these myself when I was pregnant with her. A few months ago when I was redoing her room she insisted on keeping them. Well times are changing and sometimes you need a little updating. So I asked her what she would want.
She got very excited, huge eyes, stood up and began telling me all about it. FAIRIES! She knew what color hair, how their wings would look, what kind of fairy they were. She was giddy with excitement. And she wanted to draw them all herself. She said “When I was a baby I could not do anything but make scribbles, so you drew the pictures. Now I am big, can draw lots of things. It is much more appropriate for me to draw pictures at this age.” True story. So she did.
Her works of art


And I have to say, the fairies are something I treasure so much more then the bugs I drew. These are her, Nora. Her free spirited, artistic, lovely, sweet, fun, up for anything self. It was a nice way to end this crazy week and weekend. Nora and I re decorating a little bit, letting her creativity fly. And me, basking in the glory that is having some conversation with one of my kids. Could not be better.
“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”



  1. Beautiful ! My daughter loves drawing like yours too! N I love the hanging of your picture! 🙂

  2. So cute! I have framed artwork all over the house! My favorites! laura

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