Our house now a home has a Facebook page!

Well times are a changing here. I am going to try this new fangled social media thing I have been hearing so much about. No, in all seriousness I have had a personal Facebook page for a long time but it has come to my attention that this blog needs a Facebook page. To plaster my lovely face on more places of course.

Really it is to allow people to follow what is going on without filling up their e-mails with updates. I will be posting a link and small tidbit when I have a new post up on the blog here. This is still my home, but I do have a sort of second home now. A vacation home on Facebook. But this blog is my first home , my forever home. Check it out and “like/follow” if you are so inclined… Facebook page








  1. Very cool news! I had my doubts about starting a Facebook page for my blog, but people seem to love it! I look forward to checking yours out!

  2. Thank you so much for visiting. My Facebook page is slow going but there was a need for it I had not known before. We will see how it goes

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