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  • Halloween home tour, adding the spooky


    We are thick into the fall season, which means Halloween is almost here! My home is decorated, there is candy purchased and sneakily being eaten by Dale and I, we have pumpkins (that still need carving) and two out of my three kids costumes are purchased. So, we are more or less Halloween ready. This […]

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  • The easiest Halloween craft ever!


    Alright ladies (and maybe a few gentlemen) this is it… The easiest Halloween craft ever!  I know this is some big words to just casually throw around, but I speak the truth. I have filled my home with spooky decor, we are Halloween-ed up! But, my table was lacking in some spooky gear. So I did […]

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  • DIY wood pumpkins using a 4×4


    So, pumpkins must be my “thing” this time of year. They are so easy to make, and there are so many low cost options to create pumpkin decor! This project is no different, making DIY wood pumpkins using a 4×4, the tutorial is so simple that I am sharing it a little differently. I have […]

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  • The Creative gallery link party #200


    Happy Sunday my friends! The Creative gallery link party is here! I’m SO excited to welcome you guys to my link party! Now the features from each of the co-hosts will get shared on the new Creative gallery link part features Pinterest page!  Welcome to The Creative Gallery! We’re so happy you could join us! If […]

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  • DIY wood pallet pumpkins


    I will be sharing all about these DIY wood pallet pumpkins, with the full tutorial. I love the rustic appeal to these with just a few supplies. If you are a craft supply hoarder like me this project will cost you close to nothing.! DIY wood pallet pumpkins! I know Halloween is almost here, but pumpkins […]